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    "Maybe it's time for Peach to see a therapist about her behavior towards Mario back then before she even thought about divorcing him." Actual Peach's reaction to her SML counterpart
    Gender: Female
    Type: The Mean-Spirited Ex-Wife of Mario
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Luke (2008-2009)
    Lance Thirtyacre (2009-2012)
    Chilly Jimenez (2013-2015)
    Elaina Keyes (2015-2016)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: SML
    First appearance: Mario Loves to Fart (non-speaking cameo)
    Super Mario Galaxy Review (first speaking appearance)
    Last appearance: Mario's Valentine's Day Problem! (physical)
    Bowser Junior's Clown Car! (yearbook only)
    Mr. Goodman's Revenge! (phone)
    Logan Tries To See The Super Marvin Movie! (seen on poster)

    Princess Peach Toadstool is Mario's ex-wife and Bowser Junior's biological mother. She married Mario on August 29, 1997, but divorced him on September 5, 2011, over his bald head in "Mario's Hair".

    Why She's Intentionally a Bad Ex-Wife to Mario and Not the Peach We Know and Love

    1. To get Princess Peach out of her castle, she was an ungrateful, bratty, mean, selfish, demanding, and unfaithful girlfriend who didn't care much about Mario late into their relationship and stayed with him only because she was attracted with his money (or hair in the case of "Mario's Wig").
    2. She was also rather airheaded and oblivious, though not to the same extent as Rosalina. This completely contradicts her personality from the games, where she is kind, gentle, and on good terms with Mario.
    3. Compared to her Nintendo counterpart, she is the mean-spirited ex-wife of Mario.
    4. She divorced Mario in "Mario's Hair" all because she found out he was bald.
    5. Her voice is annoying as Lance Thirtyacre did a terrible job voicing her as shown in the same episode as in WSIABE-WTMANTPWK#2.
    6. She had unlikable moments such as dating Sonic in "Mario's Wig", having a baby with Sonic in "Mario and Bowser's Stupid and Crazy Adventure".
    7. She is a mean popular girl as she made her husband's life a living hell. She constantly forced him to buy expensive things for her, though Mario was content to do all this simply so he could be with her.
    8. One year later after Mario and Luigi's Stupid and Dumb Adventures ended, it becomes apparent as she has zero interest in Mario and dumped him. This is shown where it's revealed in "Mario's Beautiful Date!" that she's become friends-with-benefits with Bowser.
    9. In "Mario's New Girlfriend!", she files a restraining order only to show up at his apartment demanding her favorite thong back, calling him a creep after she leaves after discovering he sleeps with it.
    10. In "Mario's Valentine's Day Problem", she lies to Mario by wanting him back when she divorced him. Throughout their date, Peach criticizes everything he'd supposedly bought for her, despite them originally intended for Rosalina, and acts like nothing he'd done on the date was enough.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. She can be likable at times.
    2. In spite of not making a physical appearance in Mr. Goodman's Revenge, she made a cameo in Mario's text messages, where she texted Mario "Thank you" when Mario texted her "Happy Birthday", which can heavily be implied that she and Mario are on good terms again.
    3. Luke, Chilly Jimenez and Elaina Keyes did better jobs voicing her compared to Lance.
      • Also, her character design is faithful to her Nintendo counterpart.
    4. Thankfully, she never appears in the newer episodes after the same episode as shown in WSIABE-WTMANTPWK#6, aside from cameos and/or mentions. As of right now, her status in the series is over, and it's unknown when or if she'll return.
    5. She's nowhere near as bad as her Mario Fables counterpart.
    6. It's likely she was intentionally written to be spoiled to Mario as well as being obviously meant to hated.
    7. She gets her comeuppance when Mario, finally realizing a horrible human being that she was and how he already had Rosalina, who appreciated everything he did and loved him for him, he decides that enough is enough, tricking her into thinking he's taking her to a fancy restaurant. Mario lures her outside before slamming the door on her before calling out to her "BYE B*TCH!" before heading back to make things right with Rosalina and kicking Peach out of his life forever.


    • Peach is considered to be one of the worst characters by many SML fans due to her bratty, mean, selfish, demanding behavior, and spoiled which is nothing like the Peach in the official Mario series, because the Peach from the official Mario series would never be mean to the main protagonist as Mario saves her from Bowser.
      • She divorced Mario for being bald and then she was dating Sonic who lied to us about being fast which means that Sonic stole Mario's girl with lying. Peach also acts like a spoiled brat in "Mario's Valentines Day Problem!". Before this, she was a nice person.
        • In Draw My Life - SuperMarioLogan, Logan confirmed that he made Peach bratty and then wrote her off the series because he was having issues and later broke up with his girlfriend, Chilly Jimenez, who was also Peach's voice actor. When he and Chilly got back together, he thought of reintroducing Peach and having Chilly reprise her role but opted not to and instead introduced Rosalina into the series and had her voiced by Elaina Keyes.
    • It is revealed that Peach dislikes Star Bursts as shown in "Mario's Valentines Day Problem!".
    • It is unknown if she would come back in the future; possibly The SuperMarioLogan Movie.
    • Her bedroom is exactly the same as Bowser Junior's old bedroom.
    • "Mario's Valentines Day Problem!" is Peach's final appearance.
    • Because of how she appears in less videos are because of how she was hated by fans due to her rudeness.
    • It's unlikely she'll ever return due to her personality, her hatred with the SML community and because her voice actor, Chilly Jimenez, has since broke up with Logan again which resulted in her also being hated by the SML community. However, she might return in the SuperMarioLogan Movie with either being voiced by Elaina or Audrey.
    • According to "Mr. Goodman's Revenge!", Mario and Peach are probably in good terms. It's also possible they are acquaintances, or their relationship status is one-sided.
    • Even though Peach hasn't been in newer videos since 2016, but she was mentioned by a few SML characters and was made in cameo appearances.
    • This plush used for Peach is from the Mario Party 5 Plush Set by Sanei, which can go for around $20 to $50 online.
    • Logan has stated during the filming of Mario Plush Collection!, that Peach may appear with a different plush, though, this never happened.
    • If Peach were to return to the puppet SML Channel, she would likely be Rosalina but with blonde hair.
      • Despite said plush not being used for any physical appearance, it made a cameo in Mario's contact information for her in "Mr. Goodman's Revenge!".
      • There is a character who might be a re-incarnation puppet of her, Abby in "Jeffy's Fortnite Competition!".


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