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    "You'd really thought I'd be a tyrant like you?!" (The real Peach's reaction to her flanderization in Mario Fables.)
    Gender: Female
    Type: The Dark Side of Peach
    Species: Human/Figurine
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Mario Fables

    Princess Peach is one of the main characters from the Mario series by Shigeru Miyamoto, where she serves as the damsel-in-distress.

    While she was a good character in the Mario series, she was unfortunately flanderized in SML and the stop-motion Insurd web-series Mario Fables, the latter being the worst one.

    Why She Should Intentionally Stop Beating Up and Being Cruel to Mario

    1. To start off, similar to her SML counterpart, she was badly flanderized from a sweet, brave, wise, and energetic princess who cares about Mario into an unlikeable, mean-spirited, and toxic alpha bitch who only cares about herself.
      • Before she even made an actual appearance, she kept cyberbullying Mario. She even swears in the letters she sends to Mario ever since Shy Guy's debut.
        • In the first episode "New Dimension", she was being impatient with Mario by telling him that he was taking too long to come save her.
        • In "Shy Guy", after Mario does not respond to her message, she still wants Mario to save her and accuses him of being too lazy to do so.
        • In "Goomba's Revenge", she accuses Mario of being high on mushrooms and being with Daisy, what's worse is that she even threatened to kick his ass.
        • In "Stay and Seek", after having sex with Bowser, she still forces Mario to save her anyway and wrote "bitch" underneath where she told him to come save her.
        • In "Bananas", she threatened to chop off Mario's penis if he didn't save her.
        • In "Mario's Gift", she forces Mario to get her a new Mercedes Benz, diamond rings, a reservation at the most expensive day spa that he can find and a new home theater system for Christmas or else she would kill him. She even told Mario that she would refuse to give him anything that he wants.
        • In "3DS", she told Mario that he'd never plumb her again if he doesn't save her.
        • In "Fire Flower", she told Mario she was going to beat him up if she sees him and even said "bitch".
      • She took her cyberbullying too far in "Super Poke Mario Fable - Part 1" by swearing before Mario's name.
        • She not only said she was going to beat Mario up, but she said "bitch" at the end of her letter.
    2. As stated above, she is extremely rude and mean-spirited to just about everyone around her (especially Mario) and hardly ever shuts up when she's on screen. She even beats up Mario and threatens to do so.
      • In "Peach and Bowser" her and Bowser's debut episode, she beats up Mario when she finally gets rescued by him, all because Mario didn't reply to her messages.
      • In "Mario Gets Rescued", when she rescued Mario from Bowser, instead of making out with Mario, she beat him up after peeing on Bowser after she turned into a giant.
      • She's also cruel to Mario in both Q&As and the upcoming third one.
      • In "Peach's Missing Crown", she brutally abused Mario and blamed him for losing her crown and forces him to come with her to find it instead of looking for it on her own, which results in both of them getting trapped behind bars by Bowser and Wendy, the latter of whom stole the crown and was wearing it. When Mario tells her that it was her fault for dragging him into that mess, she beats him up. Instead of apologizing, she still thinks that it was his fault instead of hers.
      • In "Peach's Lemonade", she threatened to beat Mario up if he refused to drink her lemonade, which he did anyway; which got him sick and got Shy Guy to play in his vomit.
        • This could get her lemonade stand shut down in real life.
      • In "Bowser Jr. Kidnaps Princess Peach", she threatened Mario to shave his mustache off all because she was sick and tired of him scratching her peach when he tried to eat it.
      • She even threatened to beat up Mario in the first Luigi Fables episode "Death of Mario", when Toad already killed him in "April Fools" when she wasn't supposed to have any purpose being in Luigi Fables and only cried when she doesn't get her coffee after hearing that he actually died, which she only cared about her coffee rather than Mario.
        • This is not only disrespectful to the dead as well as being very immature, but also heartless of her.
    3. Her voice, just like everyone else, is very annoying to listen to.
    4. She punishes Mario when it's not his fault, such as in the ending of "Green Metal Luigi", after she gets her crown back from Wendy, she excludes Mario from getting ice cream with her, Luigi, Toad, and Toadsworth, and was also glad he wasn't going, even though he did nothing wrong.
    5. She is very greedy and gross, as seen in the same episode as shown in WSSISBUABCTM#2, where she forces Mario to buy her peach flavored lemonade for surgery and got him sick because her lemonade was her urine, which is extremely disgusting. What's worse is that Toad drank it and didn't get sick and ate the glass.
    6. She is very bossy as she demands people to give her stuff, or she will threaten them.
    7. She rarely, if ever, gets punished for being an awful person to everyone, making her a Karma Houdini.
    8. In the same episode as shown in WSISSBUABCTM#2, she was redesigned with larger eyes, which looks very ugly.
    9. While it can be viewed as funny, she downright attacked Wendy for her comeuppance for insulting her castle in "Bowser's Bath". She just appeared out of nowhere and straight up committed child abuse. Not to mention that she assaulted Bowser's child and could've got arrested for that.
    10. For a princess, she was never good to begin with and was implied to be much worse by abusing Mario even before Mario Fables began and was threatening him to come rescue her, which implies she was abusing her own power, which is the exact opposite of her character.
    11. She's also cruel to almost every user who asks her a question in both Q&As.
      • In the first Q&A, she insulted AngelPrincess2431 (now known as AceAngelPrincess) just because her username had "princess" in it, and she called KINGD353 "a stupid name for a king".
      • In the second Q&A, she called Funny Koala 22 "not funny and not a 22-year-old koala".
    12. She makes the original Peach look bad in comparison.

    Intentional Redeeming Qualities

    1. She is a much better character outside of this series.
    2. Her design, along with everyone else, is faithful to her Nintendo counterpart.
    3. Because of how mean-spirited she is, she was meant to be hated.
    4. In the same episode, as shown in WSSISBUABCTM#9, she did give Wendy her comeuppance by beating her up because Wendy said something awful about her castle, though it depends on your point of view.
    5. She has her funny moments here and there.
    6. She can be likable at times, though not by much.


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