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    Paulina Sanchez
    "Yoo hoo, ghost boy. Are you done talking to the unpopular girl yet?"
    Gender: Female
    Type: Stereotypical Popular Girl
    Unlikable Fashion Enthusiast
    Age: 14
    Later 15
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Maria Canals Barrera
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Danny Phantom

    Paulina Sanchez is one of the secondary characters in Danny Phantom. She is a student, cheerleader, and somewhat one of the bullies (being so-called mean girls) at Casper High School.

    Why She's Intentionally The Worst Popular Girl

    1. She is just another stereotypical mean girl and a female/cheerleader version of Dash Baxter who both torment unpopular students.
    2. She consistently rivals with her arch Sam Manson due to also being unpopular and also likes Danny.
    3. She has the personality of being mean-spirited, vain, stylish, and insensitive and usually thinks she is above anyone below her social status just like Dash does to others who are unpopular.
    4. She always cares about fashion, popularity, and beauty, making her very pointless, more focused on different things instead of being serious, and of course making people feel jealous.
      • One infamous example is that in the episode "Parental Boarding", when the guys (including Danny and Tucker) at school were so obsessed with Paulina, Sam accidentally pushed Danny and his pants fall off in embarrassment when he was talking to Paulina. What makes it worse, is that during the dance and before Sam transforms into a dragon, Sam tells Paulina her Grandma gave her that amulet, but Paulina says "Forget it, sweetie. I'm not giving up this trinket or your little boyfriend Danny". But Sam defends her statement with Danny about not being her boyfriend and that they're just friends. Paulina gives Sam back the amulet and tells her "Here, take your crummy amulet. I'm going back inside to dump your dorky friend." Thus, this makes Sam feel jealous and enraged.
      • Another infamous example about her is that she is very cold, snobby, rude, and very offensive to homeless and poor people. For example, in the episode "Shades of Gray", she treats Valerie very negatively after she and her father become poor.
    5. Whenever she's angry, she seems to have no issues taking revenge (showing that she can't take criticism) like in the episode "Beauty Marked", where she tries to attack Danny for choosing Sam in the beauty pageant, and in "King Tuck", where she and Star chase after Tucker because she has faint memories of him making her wash his feet.
    6. She never gets punished for her actions, making her a Karma Houdini, and she never learns a lesson just like Mr. You know who?.
    7. Her design while pretty and attractive, is just boring and not that breathtaking depending on your on view.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. Sometimes, she is willing to help, such as in the episode "Pirate Radio", where she helps disguise Tucker as an adult and fights Youngblood's crew to save her parents.
    2. She genuinely cares for her father and her best friend, Star.
    3. She did see Danny's ghost reveal in "Lucky in Love" and the series finale "Phantom Planet".
    4. Despite boring and not breathtaking, her design is pretty and attractive depending on your opinion.
    5. Maria Canals Barrera does an awesome job voicing Paulina Sanchez.


    • She's voiced by Maria Canals Barrera, who's also known for her live-action role Theresa Russo from the Disney Channel original series Wizards of Waverly Place and Hawkgirl/Shayera Hol on Justice League.


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