Pastry Cookie (Cookie Run: Kingdom)

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Pastry Cookie (Cookie Run: Kingdom)
Are you afraid and hurt? Rejoice! For I am about to release you of your shame! I shall reduce you to CRUMBS!
Gender: Female
Species: Gingerbread Cookie
Portrayed by: Woo Jeong-shin (Korean)
Aoi Koga (Japanese)
Colleen O'Shaughnessey (English)
Status: Alive
Media of origin: Cookie Run: Kingdom

Pastry Cookie is an epic cookie who made her debut on May 13, 2021. She's a sister of the St. Pastry Order.

Bad Qualities

  1. To get the elephant out of the room, she's a stereotypical nun.
  2. She was a religious fanatic obsessed with purging the world from evil, by killing who she deems "wicked".
  3. She's shown to be bigoted towards cakes, who are equivalent to animals due to not being sapient like Cookies are, and Red Velvet Cookie calls her out for effectively mass-murdering animals.
  4. She even tried to kill Red Velvet Cookie just because he's half cake. What is wrong with you, Pastry Cookie?
    1. She boasted to Red Velvet Cookie that she was going to reduce him to crumbs, making her seem sadistic.
    2. When Red Velvet Cookie told her that the Witches, she called him a heretic.

Good Qualities

  1. Her voice actresses Woo Jeong-shin, Aoi Koga (whom also voiced Komi Shouko) and Colleen O'Shaughnessey (whom also voiced Tails) did a great job at voicing her.
  2. She was only dislikable until she saw Red Velvet Cookie's affection for Chiffon, where she loses her sense of righteousness and becomes more sympathetic.
  3. The trauma she went through (hallucinating her guilty conscience and seeing Dark Enchantress Cookie's origins) redeemed her, causing her to doubt her faith and see that the monsters she fought could talk and have feelings.
  4. The final chapter shows her motives in a sympathetic light, as she was manipulated by the St. Pastry Order into following their fanatical beliefs, and after her redemption she's now at the risk of being assassinated by Shadow Sister Cookie if she dissents.


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