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Pando is a character from the kids' YouTube show Wolfoo. He is a panda, and the son of Mr. and Ms. Panda, as well as being Wolfoo's friend.

We all would of course want to keep pandas alive, but this panda... He's really disappointing.

Why He Dosen't Deserve Any More Apples

  1. To start of the list, he is mainly known for loving to eat apples all the time. That can end up becoming repetitive.
  2. Not only that, it looks like he has a fetish for apples.
  3. To add more salt on wound, that makes him gluttony.
  4. Hypocrisy: True, he is Wolfoo's friend, but at times, he hangs out with others like Piggy.
  5. To make matters worse, he sometimes laughs at Wolfoo whenever he messes something up.
  6. To add more salt on wound, in a thumbnail he is seen hanging out with Bufo and Piggy, and a sad Wolfoo is seen crying.
  7. Like with most other characters, his design looks like it was stolen from Peppa Pig.
  8. One time, he never cleaned the snacks under his bed and led to cockroaches attacking him.
  9. He is greedy, sometimes he tries to steal Wolfoo's Superman toy at times, when he could've buyed one from the toy shop.
  10. Another scene where he is greedy is when he took all the hamburgers and got some crumbs on Wolfoo's clothes, as well as making a nasty wink at him.
  11. Errors happen to him at times, in a scene, the line that connects his nose and mouth bends when he screamed.
  12. At times, he sees an injured Tiger and then he gets scared, and tells the others about how ugly he is, which proves he is racist.
  13. He steals Kat's dress without her permission and that leads to her getting angry at him.
  14. He causes mud to come on his mom's dress to make it dirty.
  15. Speaking of which, he puts gum on the floor after eating it.
  16. Also, he cuts the line whenever people want food.
  17. At one point, he sneezed at Wolfoo and made him get disgusted.
  18. Because of the aforementioned reasons, he is considered as a bad character.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. He is sometimes shown as tridimensional, he eats other things instead of apples.
  2. He is a loyal friend to Wolfoo.
  3. His design is decent.