Paintbrush (Inanimate Insanity II)

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"You're telling me NOT to worry?! I'm the only one who does anything for this team!"
Paintbrush, Inanimate Insanity
Paintbrush (Inanimate Insanity II)
No wonder they were labeled "The Hothead"
Gender: Nonbinary
Type: Jerkish, Unlikable, Karma Houdini Paintbrush
Species: Paintbrush
Portrayed by: Taylor Grodin
Status: Alive
Media of Origin: Inanimate Insanity

Paintbrush, labeled The Hothead was a contestant in Inanimate Insanity as a member of Team Epic. They also competed in Inanimate Insanity II as a member of The Bright Lights. They currently compete in Inanimate Insanity Invitational as a member of The Thinkers. They're voiced by Taylor Grodin. Sadly, the character has suffered from flanderization in Season 2.

This articles only apply to the character as depicted in Inanimate Insanity II as they were flanderized, this has slightly been reversed in Season 3, although still do apply, a little bit.

Why There Will Never Be A Male Or Female Paintbrush

  1. They went from being a responsible contestant who is pragmatic in their approach to challenges and life to an overly competitive, impatient, bossy jerk who is unable to calm down and often takes anything way too seriously and the way they treat Fan this way in episodes like Mazed and Confused and the second part of Kick the Bucket hints that they often overwork any member of the Bright Lights whenever they slack off.
  2. In the episode Alternate Reality Show, they ruined the challenge by burning all the arts that the contestants were creating just because the host MePhone4 gave their art a 0.
  3. Their actions are very immature and cocky.
  4. Every time they rage, it's very obnoxious and irritating to hear.
  5. Their characterization has changed to a negative range a la Arch from Object Terror.
  6. They are a Karma Houdini, due to them never getting any comeuppance whatsoever.
  7. They treat Fan like shit for not doing the maze challenge and spinning the wheel.
  8. The infamous scene where they threaten Fan to destroy his Egg which caused the latter to get scared.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. They're nowhere near as badly or infamously flanderized as Nickel is.
  2. Their friendship with Lightbulb isn't too bad despite the fact she's toxic.
  3. They were a nice contestant in the previous episodes.
  4. At least they stopped being mean in Season 3.
  5. Their design is good and also cute.
  6. They were nice before their elimination in Episode 12 of Season 2.


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