Paige Olvera and Frankie Wong (Bizaardvark, seasons 1 and 2)

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Paige Olvera and Frankie Wong (Bizaardvark, seasons 1 and 2)
Paige and Frankie.jpg
You thought Cece and Rocky were the worst Disney Channel duo? Think again!
Gender: Females
Type: Annoying Duo
Age: 13-15
Species: Humans
Portrayed by: Olivia Rodrigo (Paige)
Madison Hu (Frankie)
Status: Alive
Media of Origin: Bizaardvark

Paige Dana Olvera and Francine Hildegard "Frankie" Wong are the main protagonists in the Disney Channel series, Bizaardvark. They are a duo of best friends and like to make videos together with their friends. They are considered to be Disney Channel’s worst characters ever.

Why They Sucked

  1. They are a very annoying duo, with Frankie being your typical bland nerd, and Paige being a girly girl and too positive about everything.
  2. In "Puff and Frankie"; when Bernie got attacked by angry cats, instead of helping him, they both took videos of the cats attacking him, which was just cruel.
  3. Paige and Frankie both can’t take criticism, as seen in the episode "Frankie Has a Hater", and they stalk and confront the person who criticized them, which is just plain creepy.
  4. They are basically rip-offs of Carly Shay and Sam Puckett from iCarly, with the combined worst traits of both characters and with little to none of their intelligence, likability and charm. In fact, Frankie is unlikable so much to the point that it makes Sam's Sam & Cat incarnation look like a way more likable, mature, comedic, intelligent and less annoying character. In fact, if you take away everything likable from both Carly and Sam, you get both Paige and Frankie in a nutshell.
  5. The title they pick for their Vuuugle channel, which is also the title of the show, is stupid.
  6. The web videos and music videos that they make are extremely unfunny, unoriginal and cringe-inducing and to add salt to the wound, the music videos have low quality special effects and green screen (even for Disney Channel standards).
  7. In "Chocolate Bananas", they discover graffiti on the school lockers, and they don’t even help Amelia prove she’s innocent.
  8. In "Softball: The Musical", they keep lying to Dirk about the softball games when they discover that Dirk is bad with the sport, instead of just telling him the truth.
  9. In "Don't Think, Just Dare", Paige wanted her friends help to break up with Reese instead of just doing it herself, and Frankie doesn’t want to listen to her teacher so she falls asleep.
  10. Their treatment in their old school is unlikeable and stereotypical of private schools.
  11. In "Friend Fight!" (despite being likable), Paige destroying Frankie’s painting was really rude as Frankie work very long and hard on it.
  12. Their humor is weak, unfunny and forced.
  13. Olivia Rodrigo and Madison Hu did a laughably bad job playing as them.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The concept of them hitting 10,000 subscribers on their channel and getting invited to the vuuugle studio to film their videos was overall pretty interesting. But it was poorly executed.
  2. Frankie is slightly more likable and funnier than Paige.
  3. They did jump-started the careers of Olivia Rodrigo and Madison Hu.
    • They also decently portray the characters sometimes.
  4. They have some funny moments at times.
  5. Their friendship can be charming at times.
  6. They are likable in some episodes, such as "Mom! Stop!", "In Your Space!", "First Day of School", "The Doctor Will See You Now", "Friend Fight!", and "Paige is Wrong", showing that they truly care for their friends and family deep down.
    • At the end of "Mom! Stop!", Paige apologizes to her mom for hurting her feelings, and they make up, which was heartwarming.
  7. They did slightly improve in season 2, but massively in season 3.
    • Paige started to see that not everything is positive and is less girly, and Frankie gets a sassy attitude and is very self confident. They also now both take criticism very well.


  • Paige believes that all caged animals deserve to be free.
  • Frankie says the first and last words of the series.


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