Paddy the Pelican

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Paddy the Pelican is the eponymous protagonist of the infamous 1950's cartoon The Adventures of Paddy the Pelican. He is voiced by Sam Singer, who also voiced all the characters and did the show all by himself in general.

Why He Sucks

  1. He has terrible voice acting, even for 1950's standards.
  2. He is poorly animated to the point that he makes The Problem Solverz look better.
  3. His personality is stale and has one of the most stale personalities out there.
  4. He is very repetitive and does the same thing over and over.
  5. His design is ugly, even for 1950's standards, adding insult to injury is that he probably has the worst character design in the whole show!
  6. His laugh is annoying to listen to.
  7. His dialogue is just laughable.
  8. His voice is hilariously awful.
  9. He talks way too fast, which makes it very difficult for the viewers to understand what he's saying.