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    NOTE: Please have massive respect to the voice actor and creator of Paddy the Pelican and the rest of the characters of the show, Sam Singer, who died on January 25th, 2001. May he rest in peace.

    Paddy the Pelican
    "Yuck, I'm on Loathsome Characters Wiki?" You sure are, Paddy.
    Gender: Male
    Type: The Very First Awful Cartoon Character in TV History
    Species: Pelican
    Portrayed by: Sam Singer
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: The Adventures of Paddy the Pelican

    Paddy the Pelican is the eponymous protagonist of the infamous 1950 animated television cartoon The Adventures of Paddy the Pelican. He was voiced by the late Sam Singer, who also voiced all the characters and did the show all by himself in general.

    Why He Does Not Have Any Adventures

    1. He has a terrible sounding "fast-talking" tone of voice by Sam Singer, even by 1950s standards.
    2. His personality is one of the stalest personalities out there, if not the most so.
    3. He is very repetitive since he always does the same thing by repeating the same antics over and over again.
    4. His laugh is very annoying to listen to, much to the point that it is often shoehorned in the intro.
    5. His dialogue is very laughable, and it makes him seem too goofy for us to sympathize with him. (Well, most of the time.)
    6. He talks way too fast, which makes it very difficult for the viewers to understand what he's saying on top of being badly animated.
    7. His design, despite it being average, it can look ugly whenever he gets angry.
    8. As mentioned at WHDNHAA#3, his antics get old pretty fast.
    9. Despite having silly-sounding dialogue, there were times when he is often treated like a punching bag, especially if he didn't really deserve it at all.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. A lot like most of the characters in the show, his design is rather decent as stated in WHDHAA#7.
    2. Despite having a stale personality, compared to most of the main characters/side characters in the show, he isn't mean-spirited or rude per see. Examples of this are him helping others in the episode "Plum Valley" and having a heroic motive in the episode "Swania Foiled Again".
      • He is sometimes sympathetic when being treated as a scapegoat on occasion, the infamous "Piggy Bank Robbery" is an example.
    3. Depending on your view, he can be seen as a 'so bad he's funny/entertaining' type of character with providing some very silly moments that are unintentionally funny and hard to take seriously.
      • A prime example of this is how his voice is hilariously awful.


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