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    Pac-Man (The Ghostly Adventures)

    Pac-Man character art - The Adventure Begins.png
    "Every time I think this day couldn't get any worse..."
    Gender: Male
    Type: Extremely Gluttonous and Immature Protagonist
    Species: Pac-Worlder/Pac-Person
    Portrayed by: Erin Mathews
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures
    First appearance: PAC-Man

    Pac-Man (also refered to as Pac and Pacster) is the main character of Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures. In this show, he's supposed to be portrayed as a teenager. His real name is Pacster, but became known as "Pac-Man" after he became a hero. He is close friends with Cylindria and Spiral. We all know that Pac-Man is referred to as a gaming icon, but this version of Pac-Man is not like the other.

    Why He's Not Our Hero

    Note: This page will only talk about Pac-Man as he appears in Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures. His other appearances are fine.

    1. Pac-Man has suffered from flanderization in the show. In the original 2D-3D games, Pac-Man is depicted as an iconic video game character who is lovable, charitable, and heroic. In this show, however, he becomes a glutton who cares more about food rather than helping others. No wonder food is his weakness.
      • An instance involving Pac-Man becoming a full-on glutton was when he wants better self-control in "Mission ImPacable!" This is proof that even Pac is aware of this.
    2. He has a very unhealthy diet in the series. He usually eats a balanced meal in the games, such as cherries, strawberries, oranges, apples, melons, Galaxian Flagships, bells, and keys, but here he goes far from it.
    3. He is also shown to be rather disgusting at times, like whenever he burps after eating either food or ghosts. Often in their face with no manners whatsoever.
    4. Pac could somehow have a relationship with Pinky (who is a ghost) as seen in some of the show's scenes. This means that he is committing spectrophilia and it gets very awkward to watch.
    5. Speaking of the episode "That Smarts!", Pac-Man ingests a berry that increases his intellect thus turning him into a stereotypical nerd who's conventionally competent and intellectual but socially awkward, clumsy and has a love for inventing & showcasing his high brainpower, which is often seen as cliche or culturally offensive to nerds anywhere.
    6. Like many of the characters from the show, he is often seen as a flat character who tries to get depth. However, this all fails thanks to the writers.
    7. There are times when his occasional antics can cause havoc and trouble, often to the point of mostly humiliating Skeebo either intentionally or unintentionally.
    8. Sometimes, he is disobedient. "In All You Can Eat", President Spheros limits Pac to three meals a day. What happened next? Betrayus manipulates Pac to eat Netherworld food which makes him too full thanks to Pac's obsession with food and ignoring Spheros (though Clyde burps Pac and eats the ghosts).
    9. He is a terrible singer as seen in the episode, "Robo Woes".
    10. His new redesign from this series was poorly received by many fans alike. This is because it forgoes the cartoony features from his older designs in favor of more realistic and human-like eyes, which doesn't suit the character at all since Pac-Man wasn't meant to look realistic and considering that he was watered down into a kid in this series, the new redesign has been labeled by many fans as one of the worst character redesigns of all time because of this.
      • While it may be true that his character design somewhat stays true via updates, Pac-Man can still sometimes look uncanny when he shows his teeth and looks pretty cheesy compared to his Smash Bros appearance which was way better.
    11. That aside, in the show he can sometimes make some very weird (and sometimes nightmare-inducing) facial expressions in an over-the-top manner because of the way he's animated, which can make him look really ugly and strange. The best example is the episode "That Smarts!".
    12. Even if he was updated in the PMATGA games, he's still flanderized.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. Despite what was mentioned in BQ#10, his character design actually stays true to the original Pac-Man design (his yellow color, circular body, big mouth, orange gloves, and red shoes), and some may find his design in the show cute. In fact, he still looks pretty unique when he takes on different forms like Ice Pac-Man, Chameleon Pac-Man, Pac-Kong, etc.
    2. The line, "Aw man, I'm a meme.", is such a hilarious line.
    3. He's brave and much like a certain blue speedy hedgehog who also hails from the gaming industry, usually wants to make the world a better place while having fun doing it.
    4. Despite him being gluttonous, he still shares some friendships with some characters such as Spiral and Cylindria. Surprisingly enough, he's still shown to have friendships with Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Clyde due to how the 4 ghosts are somehow allies to Pac-Man as seen in the show.
    5. Despite the cheesy voice acting, at least you can still tell that Erin Matthews, Erica Mendez, and Yuka Terasaki still did their best to voice Pac.
    6. Much like his video game counterpart, he can still eat ghosts which is something you would expect Pac to do.


    • Masahiro Sakurai (the creator of Super Smash Bros) did mentioned that he would drop Pac-Man in the roster if he used the Ghostly Adventures version of Pac-Man rather than the old-school design as seen in this article.


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