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    Orson (The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild)

    "Dinos rule, Mammals drool."
    Gender: Male
    Type: Generic and weak villain
    Age: Unknown (Adult)
    Species: Protoceratops
    Portrayed by: Utkarsh Ambudkar
    Status: Unknown (Presumably deceased)
    Media of origin: Ice Age
    First appearance: The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild

    Orson is a protoceratops with high intelligence who is the main antagonist of the infamous 2022 animated film The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild. He controls an army of velociraptors to take over the Lost World. He was voiced by Utkarsh Ambudkar.

    Why He Drools

    1. First of all, he is a pretty weak villain if you compare him to villains from previous films, he is nothing more than a generic "I'm going to take over the world because I'm evil" villain, on top of that he lacks any kind of personality and charisma. He also lacks the intimidation to be a strong villain but he's absolutely incompetent.
    2. In the movie they want to make him look like the biggest threat in the Lost World, even though in Dawn of the Dinosaurs, the biggest threat was Rudy.
    3. Speaking of which, unlike Rudy, who was overly intimidating and considered a threat, Orson lacks any threatening qualities outside of his velociraptor army.
    4. Although it is supposed to be a protoceratops, his design looks more like a triceratops with dwarfism and no horns; it doesn't help that he has such a large brain that it is exposed at certain angles, which is another nonsense since protoceratops do not have brains like this.
    5. Speaking of that last bit, the scenes where his brain was exposed can be disturbing for young viewers.
    6. Some of his dialogue are too laughable like "We're gonna have to play a little game called drop goes the weasel. It means take down Buck!".
    7. He was responsible for the death of Buck's original group, except for him and Zee.
    8. He is racist, as he hates mammals to the point of considering them inferior to dinosaurs; his catchphrase "Dinos rule, mammals drool" can prove it.
    9. He treats his velociraptor army like slaves which is very abusive even as a tyrant.
    10. The concept of a talking dinosaur who wants to control the Lost World and have a rivalry with Buck was a good idea but was ruined due to the film's poor writing.

    Good Qualities

    1. Utkarsh Ambudkar did a fine job voicing him.
    2. At least unlike the Dino Birds, he does have a backstory that justifies his existence and is linked in some way to Buck's backstory, even if it is poorly executed.
    3. He got what he deserved when Crash and Eddie manage to get the velociraptors to go after him instead of them.
    4. Despite WHD#8, he has respect for Buck and admits that he sees him as a worthy adversary.
    5. He was also meant to be hated.


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