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"Our world's are in danger."

Optimus Prime (Japanese: Convoy (Armada/Micron Legend), Grand Convoy (Energon/Superlink), and Galaxy Convoy (Cybertron/Galaxy Force) コンボイ Konboi, グランドコンボイ Gurando Konboi, ギャラクシーコンボイ Gyarakushī Konboi) is the leader of the Autobots, sadly he has been butchered in this anime trilogy; especially in the second portion, Transformers: Energon.

Bad Qualities

  1. His Armada/Micron Legend design and role is nothing more than a complete copy of Ash Ketchum/Satoshi since similar to Ash on how he captures Pokémon, Optimus Prime collects Minicons/Microns.
    • In fact, he latters Ash Ketchum's Sun and Moon self that can easily be compared to the Energon/Superlink version of Optimus Prime. Both are red-and-blue, both are anime characters, both celebrated the 20th anniversary of their respective franchises (Pokémon and Transformers respectively), and both of them are the main protagonists of said series.
  2. Continuing with the rip-off thing, each of his super modes are a rip off to another thing or character.
    • His Armada/Micron Legend super mode still looks like a rip-off of Ash Ketchum except bigger.
    • His Energon/Superlink super mode looks like a rip-off of a Super Sentai mech, Voltron, and Captain Planet.
      • Super Sentai and Voltron come into play because of the typical five pieces that make up a torso, a right arm, a left arm, a right leg, and a left leg.
      • Captain Planet comes into play because the drones represent a specific element whereas Optimus Prime is the core.
        • The fire engine represents fire, the helicopter represents air, the drill-tank represents earth, and the submarine represents water.
    • His Cybertron/Galaxy Force super mode looks like a rip-off of a Gundam, especially when you look at the head.
  3. His Energon/Superlink design looks like someone who ate a lot of donuts, similar to Homer Simpson.
    • Coincidentally, they're both extremely dimwitted, greedy, and pushy.
  4. Also in Energon/Superlink, Optimus Prime is a very pushy Autobot leader.
  5. After being wounded by Starscream, Optimus Prime was knocked out unconscious, but an infusion of Energon from Skyblast dubiously revived him and interacted with the Matrix of Leadership, generating a weapon known as the Energon Blaster that Prime used to drive off his opponent.
    • Said weapon that Prime used was also just an advert to sell toys.
  6. He can be compared with another incarnation of Optimus Prime, the Michael Bay Pentalogy incarnation. Both are based on the same character (Optimus Prime), both are the leader of the Autobots, both transform into semi-trucks (Until Cybertron/Galaxy Force whereas he was a fire engine), and both abuse their leadership of the Autobots as the Unicron Trilogy Prime is dimwitted and the Michael Bay Pentalogy Prime is way too psychotic for leadership.

Good Qualities

  1. This Optimus Prime is at least more tolerable during some parts of Armada and much of Cybertron; especially the latter.
    • In fact, there are some fans who do root for him in the Armada and Cybertron portions at the very least.
  2. This incarnation of Optimus Prime is also at least far more tolerable than the Michael Bay Pentalogy incarnation.
  3. Garry Chalk (The voice of Optimus Primal, who was Generation One Optimus Prime's descendant) does a decent voice performance as Optimus Prime.
  4. He still cares for his teammates and humankind.


  1. Because Galaxy Force was intentionally going to be a reboot in Japan, Galaxy Convoy would've then be a separate entity, though since the show changed its mind and automatically became a sequel to Superlink, there was confusion in the US about the connection.
    • In fact, his actor in Japan, Taitem Kusonoki voiced Optimus Prime in Transformers: Adventure (Robots in Disguise 2015's Japanese name).


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