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    Optimus Prime (Unicron trilogy)

    Optimus Prime (Unicron trilogy)
    "This incarnation of myself must be stopped! No matter the costs." -Optimus Prime's reaction to his flanderization in the Unicron Trilogy.
    Gender: Male
    Type: Pushy Leader
    Armored Adventures Tony Stark Done Worse
    Fatimus Prime (Energon)
    The Dimwitted Side of Optimus Prime
    Age: Immortal
    Species: Cybertronian
    Portrayed by: Garry Chalk (English Dub)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Transformers: Unicron Trilogy
    First appearance: Transformers: Armada

    Optimus Prime (Japanese: Convoy (Armada/Micron Legend), Grand Convoy (Energon/Superlink), and Galaxy Convoy (Cybertron/Galaxy Force) コンボイ Konboi, グランドコンボイ Gurando Konboi, ギャラクシーコンボイ Gyarakushī Konboi) is the leader of the Autobots, sadly he has been butchered in this anime trilogy; especially in the second portion Transformers: Energon.

    Qualities That He Shouldn't Hunt For Mini-Cons

    1. The main problem with this Optimus is that he lacks his G1 traits and is now a pushy leader (only in Energon) just to keep it kid-friendly and light-hearted.
    2. He is a hypocrite, as revealed in the last 2 episodes of Armada.
    3. Also in Energon/Superlink, Optimus Prime has absolutely no personality or character development.
    4. While his design in Armada and Cybertron are fine, his look in Energon/Superlink is pretty ugly. While the detailing on his torso and his head do look sleek, the overall body proportions of the robot mode look bad. His torso is so big and blocky that it makes him look overweight (even making his arms look tiny). In addition, his legs that are very chunky on the knees and very scrawny on the shins add to the very wonky and out-of-proportion look of the robot mode.
    5. To make things worse, he was also flanderized into being a dimwitted jerk of a leader.
    6. While not incompetent, he can act like an idiot at times.
    7. He abuses his own men just for fun sometimes, as shown in Energon
      • Depending on your view for example, he punches Ironhide which can be considered child abuse.
    8. He can be compared with another incarnation of Optimus Prime, the Michael Bay Pentalogy incarnation. Both are based on the same character (Optimus Prime), both are the leader of the Autobots, both transform into semi-trucks (Until Cybertron/Galaxy Force whereas he was a fire engine), and both are bad incarnations, as the Unicron Trilogy Prime is too dimwitted and the Michael Bay Pentalogy Prime is way too psychotic for leadership.
    9. He doesn't have much of a personality to react or witness such as how he barely showed a reaction about Megatron being Galvatron again, though he did seemed unimpressed.
    10. While not a psychopath like his Michael Bay counterpart as said from Pointer #7, he does a few psychotic actions that would have killed both his Autobots and the Decepticons.
    11. Some of his toys were not good, such as his Energon and Built To Rule! toys, depending on your view.
    12. In G1 Megatron's words, he throws away his life so recklessly.

    Good Qualities

    1. This Optimus Prime is at least more tolerable during some parts of Armada and much of Cybertron; especially the latter.
      • In fact, there are some fans who do root for him in the Armada and Cybertron portions at the very least.
      • He also was given a great character arc in the second half of Armada.
      • In the game "Transformers (2004)", he's willing to rescue many Mini-Cons that were stranded on Earth from being in usage of the Decepticons and eventually stopped Unicron from destroying Cybertron.
    2. This incarnation of Optimus Prime is also at least far more tolerable than the Michael Bay Pentalogy incarnation and even the War for Cybertron trilogy counterpart.
    3. Gary Chalk (The voice of Optimus Primal, who was Generation One Optimus Prime's descendant) does a decent voice performance as Optimus Prime.
    4. While he did punch Ironhide, he did deserve it since he is immature though again it depends on the viewer.
    5. He is still a badass at heart.
    6. He still cares for his teammates and humankind.
    7. He did discipline Kicker by threatening that he was going to send him back to his mom.
    8. Some of his toy versions are quite good.
    9. "Our Worlds Are In Danger!" due to it's status as a meme.
    10. As mentioned above, his design's in Armada and Cybertron look fine.
      • In addition, his Grand Convoy/Super Mode in Energon at least looks better and more heroic than his normal form.
      • To make matters at best, whenever he combined with Wing Saber he looks even more better and more heroic than his normal form.


    1. Because Galaxy Force was intentionally going to be a reboot in Japan, Galaxy Convoy would've then be a separate entity, though since the show changed its mind and automatically became a sequel to Superlink, there was confusion in the US about the connection.
      • In fact, his actor in Japan, Taitem Kusonoki voiced Optimus Prime in Transformers: Adventure (Robots in Disguise 2015's Japanese name).


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