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    "Oogtar want!"
    Gender: Male
    Type: Annoying Cave Kid
    Age: Unknown
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: John Stocker
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Super Mario World
    First appearance: Ghosts 'R Us

    Oogtar is one of the supporting characters in the Super Mario World television series. He is seemingly Yoshi's best friend throughout the show and a mischievous kid who is known for causing trouble wherever he goes.

    Why He Should be Called Ratgoo

    1. Oogtar's surfer accent really doesn't fit in the cartoon at all, since the setting takes place in a prehistoric setting where cavemen and dinosaurs coexist, and he is an actual caveboy himself who should have been given the caveperson accent.
    2. He came across as being more immature and brattier than even Toad himself. Not only that, but he also essentially replaced him in the series when it was not even necessary to begin with, and it doesn't help that Toad was improving as a character. Ironically and coincidentally, enough, both Toad and Oogtar shared the same voice actor, John Stocker. On top of that, Yoshi already fills in the role of a lovable mischievous character whose appearance in the show makes sense, since he debuted in the game of the same name, making Oogtar's role pointless. He could have at least been a background character instead of a major character and the show would still be the same.
    3. He proves to be extremely detrimental to Mario, Luigi, and Princess Toadstool on multiple occasions: his first appearance in "Ghosts "R Us" gave him a bad first impression as he willingly chose to go into the Enchanted Forest, a haunted forest no less, all by himself, which is really dangerous. What is even worse is that when Mario, Luigi, and Princess Toadstool head into the forest to find him, they end up getting captured by Wizardheimer and them getting into this situation was all Oogtar's fault.
    4. Even if he does apologize for his actions in the episodes he is in, he would then relapse back into his old behavior.
    5. In "A Little Learning", he was supposed to be sympathized with when he gets bullied by Hip and Hop, but a couple of factors make this attempt fall flat. He is seen giving Hip and Hop his bubblegum and tells them that Princess Toadstool, who is the teacher, approves of it, knowing full well that it was a lie. When they end up getting into trouble with her instead, they now wanted revenge against him for his deception. Even though these two are Koopas, they genuinely wanted to go to school to learn some new things when their father, King Koopa forbade them from attending, which makes Oogtar look racist and petty, and ends up making Hip and Hop look sympathetic instead of Oogtar, despite the fact that they still pick on him, even if some of their retaliations are disproportionate themselves.
      • That being said, while it wasn't okay of Hip and Hop to pick on him and cause trouble at school, you also realize that Oogtar is responsible for Hip and Hop wanting to get revenge on him in the first place, by tricking them into chewing gum, knowing that it will get them into trouble for breaking a rule the Koopa siblings weren't aware of and they didn't do anything bad to him before that happened, so he brought all the trouble onto himself.
    6. He isn't a good friend to Yoshi either as he influences him into pulling some mean pranks; by making him eat Hip and Hop's backpacks resulting in poor Yoshi getting attacked by the Koopa siblings and he also has him pull the chair away from Hip to make him fall when he was about to sit down.
    7. He is also dumb and also has a very short temper as shown when he gets taunted by Hip and Hop, he immediately gets into a big fight with them during class and their science fair projects when he could have ignored them or at least try to get Toadstool's attention to their behavior, instead of making a big scene and getting himself in more trouble in the process.
    8. He also has some gross moments such as him giving Princess Toadstool an apple that had a caterpillar in it, which she understandably tosses away.
    9. His character design looks rather hideous, and his voice is even more irritating than Toad on a much greater level.
    10. He is also very greedy as well as shown in "The Night Before Cave Christmas", where Mario invents Cave Christmas as a way to help him behave better since he was being a negative influence on the rest of the inhabitants. He tries to steal all the presents for himself and not thinking about the others at all, which gets him accidentally captured by King Koopa and almost killed by a T-rex as well.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. Some of Oogtar's lines involving his behavior and diet can be funny sometimes.
    2. He does show that he does care for his friends and during "Ghosts R Us", he helps Yoshi save Mario, Luigi, and Princess Toadstool from Wizardheimer. And after being saved in "The Night Before Cave Christmas", he does give Mario (not realizing that he dressed as Santa Claus) a present while he was asleep which was nice of him.


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