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    Olivia (Oggy and the Cockroaches, season 7, Next Generation)

    "FAIRY GODPARENTS!'" — Denzel Crocker

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    Don't let that smile fool you. This isn't the same Olivia you knew and loved.
    Gender: Female
    Type: Short-Tempered, Selfish, Abusive Feline
    Canktankerous Girlfriend
    The Dark Side of Olivia
    Species: Cat
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Oggy and the Cockroaches

    Olivia is a female cat from Oggy and the Cockroaches who was added to the main cast starting with the fourth season of the show where she was portrayed as Oggy's love interest (and wife as of "Oggy is Getting Married!").

    Most of the time, she is a nature-loving, friendly and cheerful person, but during the last season & Next Generation, she was awfully derailed beyond recognition.

    Bad Kitty Qualities

    Note: This only applies to her character in season 7 and Next Generation.

    1. To get the cat out of the bag (no pun intended), Olivia has been horrendously derailed beyond recognition, even worse than any other Oggy character, being miscast from Oggy's cheerful significant other to a short-tempered, problematic, arrogant, egotistical, abrasive, immature, haughty jerk who treats him and the others like dirt, which goes against her entire character to begin with, considering she would only act this way when those around her deserved it, like in "Olivia's Pimple", where she clobbered Bob with a rake after he made fun of her pimple, or in "Youthful Look", where she intimidated Joey into helping her return Oggy, Jack and Bob to normal with a spiked flyswatter. It used to be genuinely satisfying, but now it comes off as mean-spirited, brutal and uncharacteristically selfish since she does it constantly.
      • Despite her blatant unlikable nature, she is unfortunately overused needlessly in many of these episodes, regardless of how just unneeded she is in some appearances, such as "The Elephant Nanny", "Oggymon Go!", and "Starmaniac".
      • Completely recasting a character like Olivia who was originally portrayed as a kind-hearted protagonist and nature lover with several sympathetic and likable qualities and a clear personality as a highly aggressive, selfish and borderline insufferable jerk with next-to-no redeemable traits whatsoever is an extremely abysmal idea that ruins all quality content and control potentially.
      • Her character became even worse in Next Generation as it makes Olivia's flanderization even more apparent by exaggerating her selfishness to be even more obvious to the viewers watching, such as in "A Dreadful Date", where she breaks up with Oggy just because of a minor mishap.
    2. When Oggy isn't taking her abuse nowadays, the others (like Jack or Monica) do, and it's never funny. The only real justified case of this is in "Moustache Hide and Seek", where she pummeled Jack for trying to force a kiss on her without her prior consent, even though he knows full-well she's dating Oggy, and even attended their wedding back in season 4.
    3. She usually sides with the cockroaches whenever Oggy makes her angry such as in "Clairvoyant Vision" where she rides on a cruise ship with them after Oggy's virtual headset gets out of control, and doesn't even attempt to hide until he calms down or take off the headset, an example of which she took part of in "The Cube", which took place before and not after her flanderization exaggerating her fiesty dark side.
    4. Her formerly lovely voice has downgraded into being screechingly abysmal, especially when she screams or argues in that voice of hers that sounds like if Samuel Vincent or Cree Summer had laryngitis.
    5. The most glaring example of her negative behavior is how terrible of a girlfriend, wife and overall friend she is to Oggy, who often is rendered to recoil and receive her tantrums and horrendously harsh misbehavior like a dilapidated nervous wreck that can't escape her frustrated wrath, which is often very sad and devastating to watch considering the person Oggy is. Olivia almost always disproportionately mistreats, harasses and straight-up bullies him (sometimes for the mere sake of him being there) for the pettiest, stupidest and insignificant reasons, or occasionally none at all, and otherwise takes him for granted, despite being extremely lucky to have him, considering Oggy is incredibly nice, kindhearted (it's even implied he mutually likes and appreciates the cockroaches deep down) and relentlessly treats her well, is implied to be attractive in-universe, and has had the platonic and romantic affection of most of the characters, who are all much better and heroic people than Olivia (examples include Terra from "Jealousy", the unnamed girl from "Memory Lane", Marky, the cockroach that he is the friendliest towards, Jack, Elvis from "Roachy Redneck", Bob, Piya, Kevin, his reoccurring pets, the vegetables from "Living Carrots!", and many more). There are more than enough instances that show that Olivia straight-up doesn't care about him or his feelings in even the slightest degree, making her a fake friend, such as showing exasperated notions towards him for the most judgemental of reasonings, subjecting him to over-the-top punishments and assault, dumping him, seeking other romantic or sexual partners and/or showing attraction towards them (Jack for instance), inadvertently manipulating him three tertiary times in the Next Generation series (this doubles as corruption, making him neglect both her and Piya on two separate occasions), outright feuding, battling and fussing over his sister Monica (which is both heavily and creepily implied to be because of predetermined incestuous suspicion that Oggy was planning on having some type of affair with her when said family member first arrives, which is extremely inappropriate, taboo, perverted, disgusting and disturbing, especially for a television series aimed at kids), snubbing him due to an obviously photoshopped video that even Piya would probably be able to tell was censored/fake, and many more. You'd think Oggy would dump her and move on to a far more acceptable partner, but being a doormat, he can't help but stay by her side. As such, he rarely, if ever attempts to stand up for himself. This can even result in Oggy being scared, phobic and frightened by her oncoming cruelty and her as an individual, or be disoriented and unable to navigate through her gravity of actions ("The Elephant Nanny" comes to mind), which makes the viewer feel miserable and want to just give the pitiful woobie a hug.
      • In comparison, not even Bob is as aggressive towards Oggy as Olivia during this time, and only gets angry towards him on justified occasions. He even treats him nicely on occasion, unlike her.
      • Another, albeit marginally less despicable example of her familial relations is how contemptible she is as an aunt figure to Piya, who, for all faults, is at heart a good person and relatively laid-back friend to Oggy who actually seems to care about his feelings and self-worth, and will go to great lengths to protect him from harm, suffering or depression, unlike Olivia. In fact, she can be considered a negative foil to her, but if you surgically remove all of Piya's redeeming and likable qualities and exaggerate her negatives to the extreme. In the three of four episodes where they both share screentime, she puts Oggy through the wringer. The first move exhausts him and gets Piya frightened, the second stresses him out insanely and leads him to have to be in two places at once (and we're supposed to find him losing to Olivia and her coming out on top funny), and the third...good Lord, the third.
      • Her volcanic temperament, ego and narcissism drive her to physically mistreat Oggy and others on many occasions during this era, making her downright abusive. Since they are all anthropomorphic and somehow intelligent animals, we can also classify her as an outright animal abuser.
    6. She is notably a massive, self-absorbed, blinded hypocrite. For example, she detests Oggy in serious pain, which is understandable, yet she does the same, and it's generally far more brutal, loathsome and uncharacteristically underhanded. It's also been displayed to keep the plot moving or silence others, providing that she cannot handle, understand or accept the criticism she gets.
    7. She is supposed to be an adult, yet has the mentality and behavior of an egotistical, haughty and insensitive toddler, which is oftentimes displayed in methods such as (but are not limited to) throwing prolonged and excruciating tantrums, resorting to petty jealousy and manipulation to get her way, whining/pouting when she doesn't get her way, and showcasing next-to-no gratitude whenever she actually gets it.
    8. She is notably a lot dumber than before and usually falls for the cockroaches' schemes, such as in "Starmaniac" where she believes Oggy is going to harm the roaches and rudely dismisses him before leaving, which is not only out-of-character (as before her flanderization she would listen to the oppressed's side of the story before making her own assumptions), but unbelievable, as she's acting this way towards Oggy. Y'know, Olivia's best friend, husband, and oh yeah, her personal confidant, as "Olivia's Pimple" reveals.
    9. Several episodes show how unlikable she is:
      • She is at her absolute worst in "Oggy and the Connected Bracelet" where she commits a ridiculous deed cementing her extreme derailment: She actually went so far as to barge into Oggy's house, crush the door and flatten him with a steamroller with a nonchalant grin plastered upon her face. Why? All because she thought he did not go on a date with her that he wasn't even aware of. On top of that, this is Olivia brutally/remorselessly flattening her own significant other, a cat, with a dangerous weapon that has been operated in the series, making her an animal and domestic abuser, completely going against her previous portrayal of treating Oggy extremely well as well as being a nature and animal tree-hugging pacifist. Seriously, how demeaning is that?!
      • Yet another episode portraying her in an unfavorable light is "An Oggy for Two", where Monica comes to visit and she rudely acts like a jerk continously feuding with her to have Oggy all to herself, even getting him getting the crud beaten out of him by Bob. This is supposed to be comedic, but instead makes Olivia come off as a selfish creep who will do literally whatever it takes to have what she wants all to herself.
      • In "The Elephant Nanny", she gets mad at Oggy just because he was late and was trying to make sure that Jack was taking good care of Piya and chews him outside for his unwitting incompetence, before rudely slamming the door in his face, leaving the poor woobie heartbroken. What a nice kitty, right?
      • One particular continuity-shattering moment comes from "Witch Hunt" (the penultimate episode of the entire series) and involves Olivia. Basically, Jack is trying to help Oggy return back to normal after getting zapped into a mouse by a mean-spirited witch, when he spots Olivia. Realizing an opportunity to bring Oggy back to normal, he rushes up to her, presents a flower bouquet and requests that he be kissed on the cheek as a reward. And Olivia not only agrees to smooch Jack, but happily so! Sure, it's possible Olivia viewed the kiss as platonic and not romantic, but she's still dating Oggy nonetheless!
    10. Olivia also starts to become an apparent butt-monkey during this era, as she usually gets pulled into the hijinks of others and is continuously abused. This occasionally doubles as a plot point too. However, considering how much of an insufferable prick she is to the world and people around her, she well and truly deserves all of it. Such examples of this are as follows:
      • "Clairvoyant Vision": The plot kicks away with the cockroaches causing Oggy to accidentally whack Olivia, and she rudely leaves in response. After returning that night, said vermin add fake replicas of themselves onto Oggy's headset, making him go completely insane and cause havoc throughout the dining room and coating Olivia in food.
      • "An Oggy for Two": After a wild escapade and an argument, Monica slaps her in the face offscreen.
      • "Moustache Hide and Seek": As aforementioned, Jack attempts to force himself onto her and later chases the cat into a garage after finding her having grown a mustache.
      • "A Dreadful Date": She gets a coffee mug swung at her brain, leaving an implant, and is stung by bees, has her house roof blast away like a firework and a cloud shaped like her head is cut into by more bees thanks to Piya's attempts to reunite her and Oggy.
    11. She could count as a Mary Sue during this season and Next Generation.
      • She's barely even punished for her actions, also making her a huge Karma Houdini. Despite her abysmal treatment of Oggy, the cat, being a doormat, relentlessly patronizes/pleasures her like a saint without realizing how much of a jerk she is.
    12. For some incomprehensible reason, she is supposed to be a desirable girlfriend for Oggy, which many viewers disagree with due to how bad she is written.
    13. Most of the gagwork that comes from or involves her is, to put it lightly, lazy, flat, a disappointment and a bore. Her exploits have become plain, mean, unenergized and unfunny, stripped of all zany and/or raucous edge, relying instead on witless entertainment that can't strive for anything other than low-brow, tepid humor.
    14. Due to all of these qualities, she comes off as the secondary antagonist rather than one of the supporting protagonists. And worse, she isn't even supposed to be an antagonist or villain protagonist, unlike Joey, Marky and Dee Dee, Bob, and to some extent, Piya, which makes her even more unlikable.

    Good Kitty Qualities

    1. She was a much better character prior to this season and Next Generation, which makes her abrupt fall from grace even sadder.
    2. Deep down, she does still care about Oggy, and there are still several episodes during this era where she treats him with the respect and dignity he deserves.
    3. "A Dreadful Date" has her actually make an effort to redeem herself after continuously shutting down Oggy's genuine attempts to apologize for the titular date. At the end, after rescuing him and the cockroaches from getting killed by a massive firework, the two reconcile, which is both heartwarming and satisfying considering what the two went through. The episode also implies she occasionally feels regret after her bad treatment of Oggy. While it doesn't excuse her undeserved actions, it can give her at least some audience sympathy.
    4. Her design is still great in season 7 and looks adorably rudimentary in Next Generation.
    5. Granted, there was an attempt to give Olivia a more comedic edge other than simply being "Oggy's girlfriend", though the results were disastrous. The same can be said with Monica in season 7, though she's still much better than Olivia in this season and Next Generation (unfortunately, Monica doesn't make an appearance in any of the 78 new Next Generation episodes).


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