Oliver Tyler (The Brady Bunch)

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Cousin Oliver or Oliver Tyler is a minor character in The Brady Bunch. He was from the last six episodes of the show, and portrayed by Robbie Rist.

Why He Sucks

  1. He's clearly a new character who's trying too hard to appeal to younger viewers, and doesn't keep the original charm of the series. To the point where he was the Trope Namer for Cousin Oliver.
  2. He hardly has any personality other than a troublemaker.
  3. Within his first day at the Brady house (Welcome Aboard), he caused a lot of accidents before the end of the day trying to show off his skills. And we're supposed to feel bad for him when he overhears the Brady kids calling him a jinx. And what does he get in the end? Access to a 1920s comedy movie.
  4. Because of him, season 5 of the series was being to go downhill, and it's possible he caused the show to get cancelled.
  5. For some reason Oliver during the other episodes, Oliver barely got any screen time at all, meaning the character addition was pretty much pointless.