Olive Oyl (Popeye)

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Ooh Popeye, you fool!

Olive Oyl is one the major characters from the Popeye series, as well as the first ever character from the series created (she was created for Thimble Theater in 1919). She is also Popeye and Bluto’s love interest.

Bad Qualities

  1. She usually dumps Popeye in favor of Bluto without logic or reasoning.
  2. Her voice can be annoying to listen to.
  3. She is very bossy and hypocritical.
  4. She is very dumb, as she often fails to realize that most of the bad luck that happen to her with her dates with Popeye are usually caused by Bluto's interference.
  5. She occasionally treats Popeye like he’s nothing when Popeye and Bluto are trying to compete for her.
  6. She occasionally harasses Popeye as well.
  7. She is also oblivious to most of Popeye’s actions when he’s trying to be helpful.
  8. Her character became much worse from 1949 to 1963 where she was much meaner to Popeye and keeps blaming him for things he didn’t even do.
  9. She called Popeye a coward on "Female is Fickle".
  10. Her personality has been drastically changed in the YouTube web series revival of Popeye where she is now a tomboyish character who is only into inventing many things, which is not how she acted in the original franchise (in other words, not how she was supposed to be) and it's one of the reason why that version of the franchise betrays it's true source material. And like the other characters, her design is mediocre and makes her look like a young doppelganger of herself.

Good Qualities

  1. She is usually aware of how bad she can be.
  2. Most of the time, Popeye wins Olive’s love back at the end of each cartoon, as she finally realizes what a terrible person Bluto is every time the latter crosses the line such as forcing Olive to kiss him.
  3. She can still be a very funny and likable character.
  4. Her design can be cute.