Old Lady Munson (Kid vs. Kat)

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Mrs. Annie Lucia Munson
Old Lady Munson.png
Gender: Female
Type: Cranky senior citizen
Bad neighbour
Age: 60s - 80s
Species: Human
Portrayed by: Linda Sorenson
Media of Origin: Kid vs. Kat

Annie Lucia Munson (better known as Old Lady Munson) is the secondary antagonist of the Canadian animated series Kid vs. Kat. She is shown to be the grouchy neighbour of the Burtonburgers and is mean to almost everyone in the town (though she has a soft spot on Millie). Coop is her worst enemy because she always believes it's him who's starting all the trouble when Kat is the one doing the mess.

Why She Sucks

  1. She is just a typicially generic grouchy next-door neighbour to the protagonist. In fact, the reason why she is the enemy to the Burtonburgers (with the exception of Millie) is because Coop's grandfather fell in love with another girl.
  2. She always blames Coop for everything to the point she once made him do a motherload of hard work in one episode.
  3. She is also a huge jerk to Burt, as one example of hating the Burtonburger family except for "you know who".
  4. She confiscated many belongings to the children and refused to give it back! I mean, she can't do that! What if they tell their parents, although they would be too hard to deal with because she is so mean, making it possible they would be afraid of her.
    • What's worse is that the reason no parents complain about her behaviour is that she also confiscated their toys when they were kids. Technically, this means she can get away with her actions most of the time and the law doesn't touch her.
  5. She seems to be immortal and impossible to defeat, as flashbacks have shown that she was already alive in the Old West. She also can't be killed by anyone because if one bites her, especially a snake, turns to dust. This is such a lazy explanation to her durability.
  6. She never realizes that Mr. Kat is responsible for everything that happens to her.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Her catchphrase "BURTONBURGER!!!!!!!" is funny.
  2. She has an understandable backstory of loosing Coop's grandpa to another girl.
  3. Even though she doesn't realize that Mr. Kat is responsible for everything that happens to her, she still hates Mr. Kat.
  4. Her alternate future counterpart in "Kat to the Future Part 2" is more likable.
  5. Sometimes she does get her commeupance in the episodes she appears in, namely in "Coop D'Etat", where she was arrested for her actions.



X9 The Android

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What episodes shows that she hates the Burtonburgers because Coop's grandfather dumped her? I have seen the whole show and I don't remember an episode which shows that. I know that Burt dumped Wanda and that's why she hates him, but I don't recall that Mrs. Munson had a backstory with Coop's grandather.

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