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    Odalia Bright
    "What he does with our products is none of our business. What is my business is keeping our family ahead of the rest."
    Gender: Female
    Type: Domineering and Overbearing Mother
    Age: TBA (Adult)
    Species: Witch
    Portrayed by: Rachael MacFarlane
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: The Owl House

    Odalia Blight is a major antagonist from the 2020 Disney Channel series The Owl House, developed by Dana Terrace. She is the abusive and forceful mother of Amity Blight, Luz Noceda's love interest. She is voiced by Seth MacFarlane's sister, Rachel MacFarlane, who also voiced Mindy and Eris from The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy along with Hayley Smith from American Dad!.

    Why She's Intentionally a Mean Old Witch

    1. She acts like an arrogant, mean-spirited parent and person in general to her daughter Amity and her friends.
    2. She's nothing but a grade A Karen character, much like Kyle Broflovski's mother Sheila from South Park and Weiss Schnee's father Jacques from RWBY.
    3. She is misanthropic, and disapproves of Amity in a relationship with a human like Luz Noceda.
    4. She is pretty much the reason why Amity Blight used to act arrogant and superior and used to look down at witches not as great as her. She raised her daughter to be as perfect as she wants her against her wishes. In other words, she's a toxic mother who forces high expectations upon Amity, even worse than how Chi Chi from Dragon Ball Z is to her sons.
    5. She lacks any character development. In fact, she doesn't care about who she steps on to get what she wants.
    6. She, alongside Alador, Amity's father, forced Amity to break up with her best friend Willow, even though they were so close back in the day.
    7. When Odalia discovered Amity had gotten back together with Willow, and made new friends with Luz and Gus, she forced Principal Bump to expel Amity's friends from Hexside for no reason. Odalia simply forbidden Amity to be around them thinking they're not as skilled as her, and even pointed out her friends’ past mistakes.
    8. When Luz Noceda begged Odalia to change her mind about getting them expelled, Odalia said she would consider, but only if Luz is the guinea pig to her abomination product presentation at Blight Industries.
      • And the worst part was that it starts to look like Odalia is trying to kill Luz with her abominations attacking her because they won't stop until she's eliminated. Long story short, Odalia almost murdered her daughter's true love.
    9. In a later episode, "Clouds in the Horizon", Odalia unfairly grounded all of her children for spying on her business while she was preparing from the “Day of Unity”.
      • Later, when Luz and her friends set Amity and her siblings free and convinced Odalia about Belos' true evil intentions of using the draining spell to eliminate the coven witches during the “Day of Unity”, Odalia confessed that she knew the truth the whole time. She confessed that she doesn't care at all about the lives that'll be lost because she only cares about Belos granting the Blight family royalty and power in the human realm. But obviously, she just wants what’s best for her, and not the rest of the family.

    Intentional Redeeming Qualities

    1. She does get some comeuppance for her behavior:
      • In "Escaping Expulsion", when she was about to report Luz to the authorities, her husband Alador reminded her that she can't betray the deal she made with her on promising to have Amity’s friends unexpelled if the abomination presentation was a success.
      • In "Clouds in the Horizon", while fighting against Odalia, Amity vows that she’ll never speak to her mother again, and Alador calls it quits from his wife’s business and even wrecks her factory. This proves that even Alador is a better parent than Odalia because he realized Amity has been improving with magic since she bonded with Luz, Willow and Gus.
      • In “For the Future”, the Collector, while bonding with King, makes Odalia his servant, and forces her to do tasks like making him pizza bagels and bringing the people he made into puppet dolls to his play room.
      • In “Watching and Dreaming” (the series finale), Odalia was seen being left out scowling behind Amity and Alador reuniting and hugging. And as confirmed by series creator, Dana Terrace, Alador rightfully divorced her and claimed full custody of their children.
    2. Her design at least looks cool. Some fans even find her just as attractive as Eda Clawthorne.
    3. Her voice actress, Rachael MacFarlane, does a good job voicing her. Some might say Odalia sounds a lot like Eris, a recurring antagonist in The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, who MacFarlane also voiced.
    4. At least she still approves of Amity's lesbian sexuality, even though she still disapproves her relationship with a human like Luz Noceda saying she'll find her "a new girlfriend that doesn't have wanted posters everywhere."


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