Nutz (pre–Time Travel era)

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*laughs continuously at Fuzzy*

Nutty "Nutz" (more known as Nutz) is a recurring antagonist and one of the two main characters of Fuzzy & Nutz. She is known for torturing Fuzzy constantly.

Why She Sucked

  1. She constantly tortures Fuzzy, like giving him a Carolina Reaper and making him consume it, putting a Brazilian Wandering Spider on his face, putting his hand on mercury without his consent, laughing, and others.
  2. She's also an Alpha Bitch who loves treating others poorly, making her a mean popular girl.
  3. She gets little to no comeuppances for her actions.
  4. She's proven to be careless when others are injured.
  5. She is very egotistical because she is usually proud of being vile towards Fuzzy.
  6. She's known to frame Fuzzy by throwing a rock at a beehive and blaming it on Fuzzy. Very "heroic" she does that to antagonize Fuzzy even more.
  7. She never redeemed herself.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Nutz became a likable character after the Pre-Time Travel Era was over.
  2. At least she gets a taste of her own medicine at the end of these videos since she tortures Fuzzy.
  3. She was only likable in "What If You Stopped Showering?"
  4. At least she does have a purpose in the show. After all, her intentions teach how physics of what will happen works, further told by the narrator.


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