Nuclear Man (Superman IV: The Quest for Peace)

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"If you will not tell me, I will hurt people!"

Nuclear Man is the secondary antagonist of Superman IV: The Quest for Peace.

Why He Sucks

  1. Nuclear Man has no reason to exist even though he was never in the comics in the first place. But, he is uninteresting in this movie, as he feels like a generic plot device who doesn't do much more than just act as a glorified henchman for Superman's archenemy, Lex Luthor.
  2. The character is poorly written and not even based on the comics.
  3. Just like Ross and Vera Webster from Superman III, he is never straight from the comics in the first place as mentioned in WHS# 1.
  4. He acts like a humanoid robot with a misunderstood motivation to cause trouble.
  5. His actor, Mark Pillow, does a weak job portraying him.
  6. His weakness itself is very pathetic and contradicts itself. As while he is weak while isolated from the Sun, there are several scenes where he is indoors without the sunlight.
  7. He provides a lot of awful dialogue, such as "I am the father now!" and "If you will not tell, I will hurt people". A lot of his dialogue ties into the deleted scenes involving a failed prototype of Nuclear Man, making his dialogue in the end product just weird and nonsensical.
  8. He is like a bad rip-off of Spider-Man villain Electro or a replacement for Superman villains, Parasite and even Brainiac. Also, he looks like a prototype version of a female Superman villain, Livewire from the animated series of the same name.
  9. His costume looks laughable and too goofy.
  10. He barely has any goal, besides attacking Superman and trying to kidnap Lacy Warfield, the latter of which he apparently does just because he sees her on the cover of a magazine and finds her attractive (this again made more sense with the deleted scenes including proto-Nuclear Man, albeit not a whole lot more). This makes him aimless.
  11. His defeat is laughably bad, with Superman dropping him into the cooling tower of a nuclear plant, and this somehow destroying him.
  12. Even more laughable is how originally defeated Superman. He scratched Superman's neck with his giant, golden fingernails. No, really.
  13. In the comic adaptation, his other powers are just silly and ridiculous as he transforms himself into a giant, and a nuclear missile.


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