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"Hi Guys, This is NostalgiaSquare, and I've heard that I have gotten flanderized badly to the point I have become one of the most hated characters in Scratch history! Well, Kevintherobloxnoob is worse.."
Gender: Male
Type: Mean-spirited jerk/The true reason why this character is hated
Species: Human
Status: Alive
Media of Origin: NostalgiaSquare

NostalgiaSquare (formerly known as Dyaboy) is the main protagonist of the Scratch channel of the same name, he is a boy who goes on various misadventures with his friends. Sadly, he was badly flanderized in the 2018 era of the channel to the point he becomes excessively unlikable, mean-spirited and selfish. In fact, he has become one of the most infamously hated characters in Scratch history because of this.

Why He Deserved to Pay

  1. He was flanderized to the highest degree possible and suffered from one of the worst flanderizations in any scratch series. prior to 2018, he was a very nice user and person who cared about his friends, but in this era, he is shown to be a rude, selfish, short-tempered, mean-spirited jackass who torments and abuses people for his own gain.
  2. He pushes around his "friend", Alex, a lot.
  3. Some projects have him bashing/disrespecting opinions on other users, which is also little more than mean-spirited. He also lies about what he does, such as he says he does not disrespect opinions, but he actually DOES.
  4. NostalgiaSquare does a horrible job voicing him, as he yells almost half of his dialogue.
  5. He never takes no for an answer, as in one project, he says that if people don’t listen to him, he tells them they have to do it or they would be banned until next year. Sounds incredibly familiar, right?
  6. He acts nothing like how he did in 2017, as he acts like an immature spoiled brat who gets pissed off when things don't go his way. He also acts argumentative and rude as well.
  7. He gets peeved so easily, he makes Combo Panda and Katie Ka-Boom look calmer in comparison.
  8. Whenever someone calls him Baldi, he gets angry for no good reason.
  9. He lashes out at people 24/7 (something that he would rarely do before and after being flanderized).
  10. A project had him pulling off Masha from Masha and The Bears head off, which can be considered child abuse.
  11. He can't take criticism nor hate well.
  12. He is an absolute hypocrite, for example, he thought a user was selfish, and yet, he is a selfish asshole himself.
  13. His infamous catchphrase, "YOU SHALL PAY!" is extremely loud and could bleed people's ears.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. He is much more likable outside of this infamous incarnation.
  2. His design is still good.
  3. He can still be nice sometimes.
  4. He would never do anything this mean-spirited after this era.



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