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    Noah Carver (Power Rangers (Super) Megaforce)

    What did Joe and Hyde ever do to deserve this guy?...

    Noah Carver is Megaforce Blue and Super Megaforce Blue, the Blue Ranger of the Mega Rangers.

    Bad Qualities

    1. He's basically a Google-translated version of both Billy from Mighty Morphin and Ethan from Dino Thunder.
    2. His dialogue is very laughable, boring, and cringe-worthy.
    3. He barely trains as a civilian in order to boost up his physical capabilities, (no, Blue Saber Saga doesn't count, as that episode was a copy n' paste version of its Gokaiger counterpart.) and he takes Troy's infamous line of "rangers never letting go of your weapon" from Spirit of the Tiger, WAAAAY too seriously, only relying on his weapons in every single battle, and man, oh, man, he was an extremely terrible fighter.
    4. Noah is the one of the worst Blue Rangers to exist in the Power Rangers franchise, taking the crown of atrocity from Dax Lo, another terrible and cringe-worthy blue ranger, from the infamous season known as Power Rangers Operation Overdrive.
    5. His quote "Brains could change the world" is extremely stupid and pointless, as most of the time knowledge, tech and science are not always necessary as there could be alternatives that could properly change the world such as: (a skilled and trustworthy leader, less corruption, etc.)
    6. He is a very useless teammate and ranger, he barely cares about his surroundings, he barely takes any responsibility as a ranger, his so-called "tactics" and "plans" are very pointless.
    7. He never got any character development like the other Mega/Super Mega Rangers but instead, got flanderized, throughout the run of the two seasons. He's a knowledge-obsessed tech-freak in Megaforce, but in Super Megaforce, he's an annoying immature blabbermouth butt-monkey who is know a full on knowledge dork who barely cares about his friends and his duty as a ranger. Boy, what a very unlikeable Ranger.
    8. And finally to rub some salt on the wound, his so-called quote-unquote "rivalry" with Argus is so cheesy, boring and laughable and all he ever did in their final showdown was talk about the importance of friendship and making pointless platitudes of never giving up and to rub some more salt on the wound, fans consider it as the worst thing that ever came out in Super Megaforce giving Tzachor a run for his money, being such a terrible showrunner.

    Good Qualities

    1. His design is quite tolerable to look at.
    2. Some fans like him, espcially The Disney Brain.
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