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    Nina (Les p'tits diables)

    Of all the insufferable Karma Houdinis that have existed, this one probably takes the palm.
    Gender: Female
    Type: Mixture of Karma Houdini
    Mary-Sue Combination
    Manipulative Bastard
    Age: 8
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Audrey Sablé
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: 'Les P'tits Diables (Sweet Little Monsters)'

    Nina is Tom's big sister and is also one of the main characters in the French book series Les P'tits Diables and its animated adaptation of the same name.

    Pourquoi elle est intentionnellement un horrible petit diable (Why She's Intentionally An Awful Little Devil)

    1. Let's begin with the fact of her being Karma Houdini. She is one of the worst if ​​not the worst, and most despicable examples of a Karma Houdinis you'll ever see.
    2. The character is mostly written as a whiny and horrible sister who spends her time torturing her brother by punishing him without ever receiving any reward for his horrible deeds which makes her hateful, despicable, and unlovable. That makes Lola Loud in season 1 look like an angel by comparison.
    3. Similar to Kat from Kid vs. Kat, it's a blatant charmless rip-off of Invader Zim but where the latter or even Kat has some charm, Nina has none and is just detestable.
    4. She's also a Mary Sue who plays the perfect girl.
    5. She has a huge terrible influence on the public by encouraging them to have their brothers punished.
    6. In addition, she can consider herself a misandrist and feminist towards men given her horrible side.
    7. She manipulates everyone, especially her best friends, by forcing them to hate their brothers.
    8. Her infamous slogan: "Brother punished, sister delighted." Not only is it clichéd, but it's sexist too.
    9. Hypocrisy: It's confirmed in the book that Nina tortures her brother because she loves him, which is completely false. No, you don't love your brother if you torture him unjustly.
    10. Flanderization and character derailment: She's even worse in the cartoon where she lost all redemption by becoming even more horrible than before.
    11. Her design is very awful (even by standard French cartoons). This is due to her having a ridiculously big mouth that takes up much of her face. That makes Titeuf look like Bart Simpson by comparison.
    12. All in all, she's a horrible villainous character who never gets punished for her horrible actions.

    Qualités rédemptrices (Redeeming Qualities)

    1. Sometimes she is friendly with her brother, especially when Cousin Francis is there.
    2. In the first 2 volumes of the book she is a bit likable.
    3. Sometimes she gets punished even if it's always with her brother.

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