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    Nick Ashby
    Why did Kate marry this bastard?
    Gender: Male
    Type: Corrupt Police Officer
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: TTS Voice: Graham
    Status: Deceased
    Media of origin: Kate Ashby

    Nick Ashby is the ex-husband of Kate Ashby and father of Kiera Ashby in the web series Kate Ashby.

    He is the titular protagonist of his spin-off Nick Ashby's Lawful Adventures.

    Why He (Intentionally?) Needs to Be Fired by the Police Department

    1. Like most of the Kate Ashby characters, he is very unlikable towards Kate.
    2. His character design is terrible and looks like a cereal box. Additionally, his eyes are not the same size, resulting in him looking like a psychopath for some viewers.
    3. His voice is just a TTS voice, which is a very lazy way to provide voice acting.
    4. Despite being a police officer, he commits various crimes.
      • Domestic abuse: He abuses Kate Ashby for various reasons.
      • Murder and child abuse:
        • Nick Ashby kills a child in one episode just for making a transfer to school.
        • In another episode, he cooks and eats his own daughter Kiera just for singing Kate Ashby's song. This is not only child abuse but it's cannibalism.
        • He also shot three children, just for throwing snowballs at him.
    5. Unlike Flippy from Happy Tree Friends, who has a valid reason why he becomes a cold-hearted killer deadset on killing anyone he sees when something makes his think of his time in the war, Nick doesn't have a valid reason why he does these things.
      • Additionally, the sound when he does turn into an evil person is stolen from the aforementioned character.
    6. He is considered to be a Karma Houdini as he gets away with various crimes, and it wouldn't be until the end of his spin-off, where he actually gets karma for what he did.
    7. He is a complete psychopath as he finds pain of other people funny. In the final episode of Little Kate Ashby, he is seen smiling when Edwina and William Smith beat and blow up Kate Ashby.
    8. Overall, Nick is very unlikable to the point that the viewers feel somewhat bad for Kate Ashby in certain moments.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. He finally gets karma for what he has done in Nick Ashby's Lawful Adventures in which he ends up in Hell when he died.
    2. In Nick Ashby's Halloween Adventures, he scared the bullies off while wearing his wolf costume, rather than murdering them which was the only few good things he did.
    3. His child design in Little Kate Ashby, while still terrible looking, is better than his main series' design as he looks completely normal; his eyes are the same size.
    4. Additionally, he is considered to be nicer in Little Kate Ashby, albeit the ending part.
    5. To be fair, he was clearly meant to be hated.


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