Niña Única y Diferente (Niño Ratta)

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Niña Única y Diferente
Única y Detergente 2.png
"Why didn't you gave me any unicorn starbucks!? AAAAAAHHH!!!!!" - It's because you've a got a page from the Loathsome Characters Wiki!
Gender: Female
Type: Unfunny and toxic Girls' show fangirl
Age: 13
Species: Unknown monster type
Portrayed by: Ricardo Adrián Lozoya
Status: Sometimes, alive
Sometimes, deceased
Media of origin: Niño Ratta

Niña Única y Diferente is one of the recurring characters from the 2016 to 2019 Mexican Negas webseries "Niño Ratta".

Why she doesn't deserve to get any unicorn starbucks

  1. Her design looks very cheap and lazy, similar to the other characters in the show.
  2. Her voice sounds very annoying, especially when she screams.
  3. She does lots of unfunny and grotesque repetitive moments such as:
    • The moments when shw mixes Clorox bleach and Nutella in her mouth, they look very grotesque and nasty.
    • And also, the moments when she killed herself with a gun.
  4. In the episode "Shippear", there was one moment when she saw an image about a shipping between Star Butterfly and Marco Diaz shipping them selves, it was such a very copyrighted image for some actors.
  5. The clothes she wears, especially her school uniform looked like if they're stolen images from the internet.
  6. When she was trying to saw Elsa from Frozen in real life, it's just a cheap idiotic ugly character wearing the same costumes as Queen Elsa.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Her voice improved in the future episodes.
  2. "Looks like if no one understanded to me!! AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!".


  • Her design was rejected by a lot of people who made critics about Negas from 2016 to present.
  • Her hair was an inspiration to Harley Quinn from DC Comics.


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