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This teacher is what Tsuna should have become.

Nezu Dohachiro is a minor antagonist of the manga series Reborn!. He is the former science teacher of Tsuna Sawada, Hayato Gokudera, Takeshi Yamamoto, Hana Kurokawa, Haru Miura, Kyoko and Ryohei Sasogawa in Namimori Middle School. He believes that tests are the most important thing and always reminds his students that tests will always appear and that they have to be ready for them. He also dislikes students who get low scores, like Tsuna, and hates students who, despite not putting much effort, score high, like Gokudera.

Why He Sucks:

  1. He is your stereotypical greedy teacher who believes school class tests are important for his students. But he has a short temper that dislikes his students for getting low scores.
  2. He is like an evil counterpart to Tsuna, both were losers with poor grades, there is a difference that Tsuna would never act very selfish and angry over his grades, while Nezu does.
  3. He threatened the principal to have Tsuna, Gokudera and Yamamoto to find a time capsule or else he'll expel them for their troubles.
  4. He is one-dimensional who barely has any screen-time, personality, nor character development.
  5. In the anime version, he pretends to slip and fell down, but lied about his arm being broken.
  6. He is a complete moron who thinks the 15 year time capsule didn't exist.
  7. He is less unlikeable than Kensuke Mochida, and the delinquents from the Namimori Middle.
  8. He maybe a cleaver teacher, but his arrogance would get him fired.
  9. He's like Tsuna if he was irresponsible for hiding his failed exams a secret.
  10. He tried to hide his falsifying exams so that no one will never look for it and won't get fired.
  11. HYPOCRISY: He thinks his students who get low scores, deserved to be expelled for not putting their efforts on their grades(which is very inaccurate in real life).

The Only 5 Redeeming Qualities

  1. He only appeared in one episode and one chapter.
  2. His voice acting is good.
  3. He was thankfully fired when Tsuna and the others found the time capsule that were his 40 year old exams and have low scores, so that Nezu will no longer bother Tsuna and his students ever again for their studies.
  4. His actions aren't as really villainous.
  5. Despite being like Tsuna as mentioned before, his failure at his exams can make people feel sorry for him since he is like a poor middle-aged man.
  6. He is an epitome of how not to teach students the importance of school tests.


He studied at a fourth-class high school and a fifth-class university, a fact that he was lying about.

He studied for eight years at the university until he graduated.

In the manga, only Tsuna and Gokudera and not Yamamoto were about to get expelled and there was no such re-test. In the process of finding the capsule, a forty year old capsule came up. It contained Nezu's old exams, all of which had extremely low scores. Nezu was then fired for falsifying his academic worksheets.

Nezu can be compared with Kensuke Mochida, the first antagonist of the series, they are both believed themselves as overachieving, but they fail so easily.


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