Nestor's Momma

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Nestor's Momma is a supporting character from Scaredy Squirrel. She is the mother of Nestor.

Why She Sucks

  1. She's a horrible mother because she tortures Nestor for the dumbest of reasons.
  2. She is also the worst character from an already horrible show.
  3. She likes firing people for no actual reason.
  4. She never got punished for her actions.
  5. She took Scaredy and made him her own son only to torture him.
  6. She likes terrorizing innocents.
  7. She believes that she can have full control of everyone's private lives. Like forbidding Nestor from dreaming about his own shop.
  8. She favors her other son, Lester, over Nestor, showing she dosen't care about him.
  9. Unfortunately, she qualifies as a mean popular girl.