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    Nermal (The Garfield Show, seasons 1 and 2)

    "Can't you not be an annoying jerk...for 5 minutes?!"
    — Shrek, first film
    Gender: Male
    Type: Entitled Jerk
    Age: Unknown
    Species: Cat
    Portrayed by: Jason Marsden
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: The Garfield Show
    First appearance: Garfield

    Nermal is a character in the Garfield franchise and is a main character in The Garfield Show.

    Sadly, he was flanderized in the show but redeemed himself since Season 3.

    Why He Deserved to Be Sent to Abu Dhabi

    1. He has been flanderized beyond recognition and has lost all of his charm and likability in the comic strip, Garfield and Friends. However, in the direct-to-video trilogy, it varies whether he is in character or not. During these seasons, he has gone from a sweet adorable cat into an obnoxious, self-absorbed jerk.
      • Out of all the characters flanderized in The Garfield Show, he suffered the worst flanderization.
    2. His voice is annoying and is still out of place for his character, though it's better than his voice in Garfield and Friends. Jason Marsden was also responsible for providing the voice of Shnookums from The Shnookums and Meat Funny Cartoon Show, another unlikable cat with a grating voice that came 11-12 years before him.
    3. He often acts extremely smug and narcissistic towards Garfield, and he deliberately goes to Garfield to annoy and pester him over how "cute" he is and rubs his success in Garfield's face as an egotistical attention-whore does. He sometimes blackmails Garfield into being nice to him or playing with him for "mischievous" reasons like the fun of messing with Garfield, possibly due to years of Garfield being mean to him.
    4. He is much more arrogant and mean-spirited than in previous incarnations since he constantly brags about being "the cutest cat in the world" and seems to enjoy inconveniencing Garfield wherever he goes in the manner of a "petty-minded rival".
    5. He was at his absolute worst in "King Nermal" and "Nice to Nermal".
      • In "King Nermal", he lies about his leg being broken making Garfield and Odie's lives a living hell and when Garfield knows that he faked his injury he uses the bell to get Jon's attention and gets Garfield and Odie sent to the kitchen and grounded. When Garfield and Odie get him in the trash can, they turn on the music and dance to it and when Jon finds him in the trash can, he kicks Garfield and Odie out of the house. When Garfield makes his bell not work anymore he and Odie get revenge on him for what he did but they get wrapped in toilet paper and fall down the stairs, which gets them in full body casts. Also because of this, Jon forces him to stay for another month.
    6. His 3D model is a bit of a reskin to Garfield's except with a grey and shorter recoloring despite him looking fairly accurate to Nermal's official design.
    7. In "True Colors", once Garfield saves him from being attacked by dogs, he shows ungratefulness by telling him that saving him was stupid and unneeded, although Garfield got beat up for trying to help. Remember that Garfield could've sent you to Abu Dhabi if he wanted to!

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. There are some episodes where he is likable and even has his original personality at times.
    2. He is still somewhat cute.
    3. His voice, while still out of place for his character, is an improvement over his voice in Garfield and Friends, since he sounds less feminine and more like an actual male character. In Garfield and Friends, he had a girl's voice, which led to some of the show's fans mistaking him for a female.
    4. He does get punished and subjected to situations by Garfield for his self-entitlement, arrogance, and pestering nature, two examples include Garfield sending him into space with a rocket and trapping him in a tight carpet roller so Nermal is stuck and ends up rolling down a hill.
    5. He was right about Garfield being mean to him during their past, which we can understand.
    6. He is a much better character in the comic strip, Garfield and Friends, and even the direct-to-video trilogy, and has massively redeemed himself during seasons 3-5.


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