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Helen "Nellie" Bertram, is a character who appears in the U.S. television series The Office.

She was played by Catherine Tate.

Why She Sucks

  1. Nellie became a Creator's Pet in season 8, where the writers had been publicly praising Catherine Tate and overexposing her character.
    • She gets even worse in Season 9, considering they're giving us a few additional moments where she constantly praised in seemingly every other episode.
  2. She was somehow a potential boss even though she had no actual qualifications for any of the positions she was trying to get hired for. Meaning, she shouldn't even be able to get hired.
  3. While she was boss, she had raised and lowered her employees' salaries at a whim as bribes to get them to support her (despite the fact that not even the job she claimed to have had that authority), and she was openly insubordinate and spoke down to the CEO. Yet she somehow gets away with it all.
  4. She also had horrible social skills, was extremely lonely, depressed, and obsessed with adopting a child.
  5. During some of her future appearances on the show, the writers tried to make her more sympathetic, but it attempts were unsuccessful for many viewers because she could never live down her actions from the previous episodes.
  6. Season 9 also has the writers attempt to erase all of her rude behavior in the Season 8 by having her offhandedly mention that it was her merely playing the part of a "villain" as a ploy for more screentime. Not only does this not excuse her actions (since it was never foreshadowed in anyway whatsoever), it shows the people have no idea how to make her properly compelling.


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