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    "I rule alone."

    Nefera de Nile is a recurring character in the Monster High franchise. She was originally featured on the webseries in 2011 as the main antagonist of the second season just like Toralei Stripe. She is a mummy and Monster High alumni, the eldest daughter of Ramses and Dedyet de Nile, the older sister of Cleo de Nile, and is voiced by Wendee Lee in the English version, Ronit Bakerman in the Hebrew version, who also does the voice of Headless Headmistress Bloodgood, and Firoozeh Scott as her singing voice.

    Why She Intentionally Sucks

    1. Just like her sister, she is supposed to be a mummy, but she doesn't look anything like this monster looking more like a healthy young Egyptian human princess who has almost no bandages over her body. In fact, she looks more like a drag queen than a mummy.
    2. She is introduced in the second season of the webseries as the main villain of the season alongside Toralei Stripe, but she is nothing more than another mean popular girl stereotype.
      • Unlike Toralei, the reason for Nefera's mean and selfish behavior towards her sister and the other characters was never explained.
    3. She can be considered the reason why Cleo behaves so badly, especially in the first season as Nefera is mean, even to her younger sister.
    4. She also not only turns out to be mean to her sister, but also to her sister's friends and even cheats to prevent them from having a chance of winning in the cheerleading competition.
    5. As mentioned above she is a big cheater who often takes advantage of using amulets capable of casting curses to cheat.
    6. She is very snobby and often uses the advantage of having been a fashion model to get attention and look superior to others. In fact, the reason she stopped being a model was because of her bratty attitudes that caused her to be moved back to her parents' pyramid.
    7. She also shows no friendship to any other characters, the only exceptions being Toralei and her accomplices for a short period during the second season, although they were only being used by Nefera as her allies to help her defeat Cleo and her friends in cheerleading competition, and Toralei and her accomplices are not seen interacting again with Nefera after that.
    8. She tends to be mostly selfish and craves to want to be able to be the center of attention in fashion at all costs even if for that she is able to be the one wanting to steal the look Cleo and her friends wear, even if they are wearing garbage and being easily fooled just by her obsession with fashion and attention like occurs in the episode "Nefera Again".
    9. Nefera can also be considered an example of Karma Houdini for most of season two as she is only really punished for her actions in the final episode of the season.
    10. Like many characters that were introduced in the Monster High films, she is greatly reduced in her role after having had a big focus in season two and eventually becoming an irrelevant and filler character on the show.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. Even though she doesn't look like a mummy, her design is pretty and decent and fits perfectly for an antagonistic character.
    2. Nefera at least has received karma and been punished a few times, most notably at the end of season two where her cheating is discovered, and she is disqualified from the competition.
    3. Starting on Generation 3, her G3 counterpart is the opposite of her G1 counterpart as she is kind and understanding of her younger sister.
    4. Wendee Lee and Firoozeh Scott did good jobs voicing her.
    5. She was meant to be hated because of how rude she is to both her little sister and her sister's friends.


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