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    Ndnd (Comedy Central revival)

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    "It is true what they say; women are from Omicron Persei 7, men are from Omicron Persei 9."
    Gender: Female
    Type: Overbearing Nag
    Age: Middle Aged
    Species: Omicronian
    Portrayed by: Tress Macnellie
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Futurama

    Ndnd is an antagonist in the animated show Futurama, being the wife of Lrrr. While Ndnd was somewhat tolerable in earlier seasons, she unfortunately suffered severe flanderization at the Comedy Central revival and has yet to recover from it.

    Why Lrrr Should Divorce Her

    1. Ndnd was initially depicted as the wife who wears the pants and keeps the marriage stable between herself and Lrrr, often trying to rekindle their relationship. However she was flanderized into a bossy, selfish, spoiled, and abusive woman who spends almost all of her screentime nagging and yelling at Lrrr. She even verbally abused Lrrr in public areas, often insulting his diet, weight, and hobbies.
    2. She is at her worst in "Lrrrenconcilable Ndndifferences" when she yells at Lrrr for slouching on the chair watching TV and makes him invade earth for her, when Lrrr tries to do so only to botch it and be humiliated at the comic-con, Ndnd kicks Lrrr out the palace and hitting him on the head with a frying pan so hard that it stuck to him all the way to earth. This causes Lrrr to undergo a midlife crisis but the episode still seems Lrrr as the one in the wrong despite the circumstances as Ndnd not only never apologizes for her behavior but even contemplated hitting him with a frying pan again.
      • Speaking of the frying pan incident, it reveals that Ndnd is not only verbally abusive but also domestically abusive towards Lrrr. She even pushed him to the floor in rage in “Rage Against the Vaccine” although that incident can be somewhat understandable as she and Lrrr were infected with a strain of Covid that caused those infected to experience heightened aggression as a symptom.
      • She blames Lrrr for every single problem that happens in their marriage. This means that Ndnd is an example of the unfair sex trope much like Marge Simpson or Lois Griffin, who are also huge nags towards their husbands while refusing to acknowledge their own problems they have to work on.
      • She is extremely selfish and spoiled as she always gets what she wants and she does not get any repercussions for her horrible behavior towards Lrrr or anyone else.
    3. She is a total Mary Sue as at the end of the episodes she appears in she always get what she wants from Lrrr and always comes out on top. She is never shown failing at anything either.
    4. She automatically assumes that whenever someone else other than her nags Lrrr, it means Lrrr is cheating on her. This happened with Leela at one point as Ndnd gets jealous of Leela when she nagged Lrrr. The show tries to get viewers to sympathize with Ndnd over this when in reality, Ndnd was just being jealous and possessive.
    5. Her relationship with her son, Jrrr is barebones as she spends little to no time interacting with Jrrr as she mainly dumped him into Lrrr’s responsibility in “T: The Terrestrial”.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. She was more tolerable in earlier seasons and she revealed a highly interesting backstory on Lrrr in “Spanish Fry” involving his sensitivity towards animals.
    2. She does seem to care for Jrrr even though they are not shown interacting much but that might change in a later episode.
    3. Her second domestic violence incident was not fully her fault due to the fact that she had Covid.
    4. She does have some funny moments on the show.
    5. Tress Macnellie does a great job voicing her.
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