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"Hey, listen!" SHUT UP!

Navi the Fairy is a major character in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. She serves as Link's guide throughout his adventure. She is regarded as one of the most annoying characters of all time by both critics and fans alike.

Why You Shouldn't Listen To Her

  1. She constantly bothers you when you are playing the game which can get extremely annoying, flashing Navi icon is also very distracting.
  2. She points out the obvious, like when you approach a door she explains how to open it.
  3. Most of her quotes like "Hey!" "Look!" and "Watch out!" are annoying and get repetitive fast.
  4. Throughout the entire game, she just keeps explaining things you already know, which is annoying for hardcore players of Ocarina of Time and is also pointless for her tell you what you already know.
  5. In the 3DS version, she pesters you about taking a break.
  6. Her design, while good, is kinda lazy, as it's a light blue orb with wings.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Her purpose gameplay-wise can be helpful at times, especially to new players. This can especially be handy when encountering new enemies, which she provides some helpful hints on them.
    • In fact, she appears as the guide in the Japanese Ocarina of Time Official Guide Video from Nintendo, which can be useful for new players.
  2. Her design is good, despite WYSLTH#6.
  3. Despite her annoying behavior, she is a good natured fairy who cares about Link and helps him succeed in his quest.
    • In fact, it’s mentioned by Shigeru Miyamoto that she developed feelings for Link, as she warms up him as the game progresses and is jealous of Zelda. Even then, she puts aside her jealousy of Zelda to help her and Link defeat Ganon and save Hyrule, showing how much she truly cares for them.
  4. She is brave, as she normally flies in enemies' faces to help Link, and even help him defeat Ganon.
  5. She never appears again outside the original game and the 3DS remake.
  6. Kaori Mizuhashi did a good job voicing her in the above mentioned guide video as opposed to the actual game.


  • Even though Nintendo has ditched Navi, they've made other sidekicks that are on (though not completely) the same level as annoyance as Navi. These include Tatl, Ciela, Fi, and Proxi.
  • In Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures, there's a fairy called "Naggi The Fairy" who is based on Navi's likeliness.
  • Her line "Hey, Listen!" has become an internet meme.


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