Nastasshia Slinky

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Nastasshia Slinky
"Now please, do get out of my way, you silly silly person you, and never, ever come near me again!"
Gender: Female
Type: Rude Popular Cat
Species: Cat
Portrayed by: Jane Singer
Status: Alive
Media of origin: The Twisted Tales of Felix the Cat

Nastasshia Slinky is a recurring character who only made three appearances in the 1995 cartoon The Twisted Tales of Felix the Cat, in the episodes "Now Playing Felix", "Love at First Slice", and "News Blues". Felix the Cat is romantically interested in her. She, however, is not. She was voiced by Jane Singer.

Why She Sucks

  1. She’s another one of those mean popular girls.
  2. She is often mean to Felix whenever he encounters her, and Felix was only being nice and friendly to her to win her love.
  3. She is also often mean to others, not just to Felix, showing she really doesn’t care for most people.
  4. She also physically attacks people she doesn’t like, like Felix and Ace, which is very cruel of her to do.
  5. She is shown to care more about her popularity and beauty than the people around her.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Her design is attractive and passable.
  2. Jane Singer did a great job voicing her.
  3. She has some funny moments, like when she didn’t notice that Felix was kissing her, whenever she gets her comeuppance, and the funny romance between her and the skeleton John.
  4. She does get her comeuppance in all three of her appearances for her horrible actions towards Felix and others.
    • In "Now Playing Felix", when she tried to kick Felix out of the picture, the screen shot Felix right back at her and knocked her down. Then, when she put Felix under the rug, he made the man trip and fall right onto her, crushing her, and was stuck on her face when she stood up, which was hilarious and caused Felix to say his iconic line when he saw this: "This is too stupid!" And finally, when a clam splatted onto her face during the food fight scene after all the torture she put Felix through.
    • In "Love at First Slice", when Felix got sick due to Rosco, Felix got the hallucination she was a big bug when she tried to care for him, and he accidentally shoved her out of the hospital window in fear, making her land on a skeleton, which she deserved for the way she treated Felix earlier in the episode.
    • In "News Blues", while Felix did save her from getting crushed by the big pants statue, despite how she treated Felix earlier in the episode, she did get a more hilarious comeuppance in the way he saved her. He crushed the ice cream van he was in into the pedestal she was standing on, sending her flying into the air. After the big pants statue falls down, she falls onto the statue hard and flat on her face.


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