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    Naoya Mukai
    "I'll give up on a three***."
    Gender: Male
    Type: Annoying Gary-Stu Boyfriend
    Age: 15
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Junya Enoki (Japanese)
    Kevin D. Thelwell (English)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Girlfriend, Girlfriend

    Naoya Mukai is the protagonist of the Girlfriend, Girlfriend series. With Saki Saki as his first girlfriend, whom he had feelings for since grade school, Naoya later accepts Minase Nagisa as his second girlfriend at Saki's reluctant permission, effectively two-timing his first girlfriend. A steadfast and persistent man with morally challenging relationships at stake, he caught the attention of Hoshizaki Rika and Kiryuu Shino, and his daily life and activities also included them in addition to his girlfriends.

    Why He's A Bad Boyfriend, Boyfriend

    1. He is literally one of this generic harem protagonists with no charm or memorability whatsoever.
    2. His design is pretty much a carbon copy of Futaro Uesugi from The Quintessential Quintuplets, as both are teenagers with a short spiky hair and they are dressed in a school uniform. To make matters worse, his motivation is a little similar to Futaro.
    3. He is ungrateful, hypocritical and rude to his girlfriends (especially to Nagisa), as he sometimes tries to be selfish and irresponsible since he only invites them to his house just so they can sleep with him.
      • Not to mention, he left his girlfriends on a balcony on which they almost starved to death.
    4. His stupidity and inability to take no for an answer earns him the ire of a good portion of the fandom.
    5. He never shuts up. The way he talks is just discussing and screaming.
    6. Because of his personality, his character development ends up very clunky.
    7. Between his blunt personality, his inability to take a joke, his frequent Insane Troll Logic, and the absolute extreme lengths he will go to in order to solve any problem, it certainly shows he is not exactly functioning like a normal person.
    8. He is extremely uncaring to his parents, to the point that he left the house without permission and tried to have sex with Nagisa, despite her being underage.
    9. He's very unsympathetic as he forced Saki to allow him to two time her with Nagisa without her consent, putting them at the risk of suffering severe social stigma in the process and making them Insecure Love Interests.
    10. He comes off as a Gary Stu, as he's almost good at everything, except for when it comes to girls, and he doesn't make any other mistakes or have any weakness.
    11. His over-the-top serious nature coupled with his consistent failure to pick up on obvious jokes make it easy to get the impression that Naoya lacks a certain level of social awareness.
    12. Kevin D. Thelwell gave a mediocre performance, not sounding good as Junya Enoki.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. Aside from being a rip-off of Futaro Ueseugi, his design is very well drawn.
    2. Junya Enoki did a good job voicing him.
    3. Seeing him get humiliated or beat up, mostly by Saki, can be satisfying to watch.
    4. He even cares for Shino, as he always checks up on her whenever somethings wrong with her and he pressured her into telling the truth to Saki about her feelings for him.
    5. For all his faults, he does understand his girlfriends have limits and tries his best to make the situation more comfortable, despite how extreme his actions can be.
    6. Through the course of time, Naoya defended himself and his relationships with steadfast conviction, against Rika's attempt at getting him all for herself and Shino's plan to untie the two-timing relationships.


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