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    "How did that happened?"
    Gender: Female
    Type: Cruel Hen Housekeeper
    Age: 7 feet tall
    Species: Hen
    Portrayed by: Brian Trueman
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Count Duckula

    Nanny is the tritagonist of Count Duckula. She is an anthropomorphized hen who is the housekeeper of Castle Duckula. It is unknown how long Nanny has been with Count Duckula's family, though it is rumored that she may have been there for over a thousand years like Igor. It is also unknown why she has her right arm in a sling, some say it was because of a sprain while others say that it conceals a tattoo. She is normally seen rummaging in it and getting something useful out of it. She is voiced by Brian Trueman.

    After her previous master died, she and Igor decided to bring him back by pouring blood into his awaking casket which only happens once every thousand years. But Nanny gave Igor a bottle of Tomato Ketchup by mistake and her new master became a less vicious vegetarian Vampire Duck much to Igor's disappointment., as her name suggests, is Count Duckula's nanny, as well as a housekeeper.

    Why She's A Bad Housekeeper

    1. To get Count Duckula out of his Castle, She is a very cruel hen housekeeper who is idiotic, crazy, dumb, lazy, and cruel. She is notable in that she is a big huge jerk to Count Duckula and Igor.
    2. She barely appreciates her son, and often gets in their way, and even after making their lives hard for over 50 episodes, she still doesn't learn his lesson.
    3. Like Buck Cluck, she is an incompetent housekeeper, she fails to give decent care to Count Duckula, coming off as she wants to try creating obsessions that sometimes form the plots for episodes, such as attempting to become a blues musician in New Orleans, prospecting for gold, or becoming a cowboy or performer. She likes to make puns and jokes, and on occasion has the same sarcastic edge that Igor does.
    4. Her terrible gag of trying to get Count Duckula back to life when caught, is often associated with quotes like the caption says.
    5. Unlike Eliot Kid, she can sometimes be a Karma Houdini, such as when she takes care of cleaning and cooking around the castle, but usually creates just as much mess as a result — in particular, she has a blind spot regarding doors, and often crashes through a door without opening it first, or (more commonly) walks right through the wall, especially a few feet off from the door's position. The frequency of him avoiding comeuppances is much rarer in season 2, though.
    6. When she seems to want anything to do with her son, it benefits him. For example, when Duckula is willing to go as far as contacting Dr. von Goosewing to help him destroy his own family. He hates living in a dark, gloomy castle and finds the behavior of his servants to be depressing. Duckula frequently expresses frustration with Igor's lecturing and attempts to change him into a proper vampire, as well as Nanny's simple-minded and clumsy nature. Still, he keeps them around, suggesting that he does need them. Quite a few times he admits to missing Nanny while she's gone, and he always takes his employees back at the end of the day.
    7. She wears a maid-like outfit, with her right arm perpetually in a sling. The sling itself seems to have unlimited carrying capacity, as she can produce any number of items from it (in the style of Harpo Marx's recurring magic satchel joke), which is a very poorly made outfit for her to wear.
    8. Her obsession with blood and her dislike of the sun can cause mischief at times, which can get stale and irritating.
    9. She is a very bad ditzy housekeeper and a poor mother figure — a reoccurring gag is her inability to understand what the people around her are talking about. She often mixes up words and takes insults at conversations not directed at her. It is important to note that she is smarter than she appears. Even though she mixes up words, Nanny does show an understanding of what they mean.
    10. Her design is horrible.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. Despite being an unlikeable character, Brian Trueman does a decent job acting her.
    2. She does have a few funny moments, like when her voice is heard in 'Dear Diary's flashback, although she's not shown, potentially indicating another Nanny. Nonetheless, in 'Igor's Busy Day' and 'Duck and the Broccoli Stalk', she is shown to remember a few past reincarnations, including Duckula's great-grandfather, suggesting she has been serving the Duckula family for many years (probably centuries).
    3. She got redeemed in season 2.
    4. To be fair, she is generally kind-hearted. Some of this may stem from her obliviousness, as she connects instantly with Mrs. Bludgeon, but is quick to be friendly even with people like Dr. Von Goosewing. Still, she has the will to stand up for herself, scolding others for being impolite and even telling them she will "smack their legs" for misbehaving.
    5. She often thinks people are flirting with her. During the show's run, while there have been a few instances of characters in love with her, it is usually a misinterpretation on her part. At one point, Nanny does have her little fan club can be hilarious sometimes.


    • In the episode 'Alps-A-Daisy', Nanny is revealed to be 7 feet tall.
    • In 'Prime-Time Duck', Nanny is called "Amnesia" while she is a countess. Whether this is her real name or one created for the TV program is not specified. In German, her name is simply "Emma".
    • A newspaper comic contains a gag that Nanny's sling is used to conceal a tattoo, though the tribal women in 'Bloodsucking Fruit Bats of the Lower Amazon' also wear slings.
    • Nanny enjoys knitting.
    • She has an unnamed sister, and presumably a niece named Primrose, who is mentioned twice.
    • Despite being a woman, Nanny is voiced by a man by the name of Brian Trueman.


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