Nancy (Tom and Jerry)

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Nancy (t&j).jpg
This character should feel ashamed of herself because she has no apathy for Tom prior to how she had treated him.
Gender: Female
Type: Animal Abuser
Spoiled Brat
Age: 8
Species: Human Child
Portrayed by: Sara Berner (1943)
Tara Strong (2007)
Media of Origin: Tom and Jerry

Nancy is an eight-year-old character from the Tom and Jerry franchise. She was shown to be the main antagonist of the episode Baby Puss where she torments Tom by treating him like a baby and always yelling and scolding him.

Why She Sucks

  1. She was at her absolute worse on her first appearance where she badly treated Tom by pushing him around and treating him like a baby.
  2. She has the tendency to scold and threaten poor Tom non-stop.
  3. She never realized what Tom was going through while she was gone (Jerry bothering him and the other cats bullying him) even when she saw the the other cats.
  4. While her parents were never seen, she was never disciplined or punished for her actions.
  5. Her voice is so annoying and grating.
  6. Her abuse to Tom worsens when she feeds him castor oil, which made him vomit. That is definitely animal abuse because, in reality, it could make them extremely sick or possibly even kill them. She definitely went to far on that.
  7. She has no apathy or sympathy to Tom and doesn't even realize how she was treating him.
  8. She never apologizes to Tom for her actions towards him.
  9. She didn't learn her lesson when she returned in the Tom and Jerry Tales episode Don't Bring Your Pet to School Day, where she still mistreats Tom as she takes him to school for Bring Your Pet to School Day, especially when she threatens to send him back to the pound, to the point Tom that imagines himself being locked up and scared by angry dogs.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. She only appeared in two episodes of the franchise and wasn't relied on.
  2. At the start of Don't Bring Your Pet to School Day, she did had a valid reason to stop Tom from provoking and eating Jerry because the latter was a pet of one of her classmates.
  3. Although she was never nice to Tom, she said "You may not be the nicest cat, but you at least got the gold star for being the best dancer." in her final appearance, making it the only time that she has said something that wasn't so mean to Tom.


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