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    Nancy (SML)
    "Oh, thank God my Jeffy is safe! Poor baby!"
    Gender: Female
    Type: Abusive Prostitute Mother
    Age: Unknown, possibly in her 40s
    Species: Human/Puppet
    Portrayed by: Chris Netherton
    Status: Deceased
    Media of origin: SuperMarioLogan
    First appearance: Jeffy's Parents
    Last appearance: Jeffy's Mother's Day

    "I want you to grab him, bring him to me. I'm gonna get the money, even if I have to kill him"

    Nancy in the first SuperMarioLogan Movie Teaser Trailer

    Nancy François was a minor character in the SuperMarioLogan series. She was the abusive mother of Jeffy. She was an alcoholic prostitute who abandoned her oldest son Jeffy with Mario because she hated him for unknown reasons (possibly due to Jeffy's father Jacques not giving her any money). She is voiced by Chris Netherton.

    Why She's Intentionally A Bad Mother And Why Child Protective Services Should Intentionally Take Jeffy Away From Her

    1. She is nothing but an abusive mother who frequently abandons Jeffy for no reason.
    2. She was the reason for Feebee's death because she is basically irresponsible and allowed her to get hit by a GMC Sierra.
    3. She's also the reason why Mario ended up being tortured because she's the one who abandoned Jeffy.
    4. She literally has no personality other than an abusive and greedy mother.
    5. She only wanted Jeffy back just to have the million dollars which is absolutely greedy of her.
    6. In "Jeffy and Junior Go to Prison!", she tried to kill Jeffy with a spoon which is just plain stupid and even if she did used it, she would be sentenced to life in prison and she was careless about it.
    7. In "Jeffy's 17th Birthday!". she was idiotic when she thought it was already Jeffy's 18th Birthday when she tricked Brooklyn Guy into releasing her and tried to assault and capture him which results to her being put to solitary confinement.
    8. In "Jeffy's 18th Birthday!", she only uses Screwball just to capture Jeffy yet she idiotically got Mario captured by Screwball when he was wearing a helmet and a Jeffy shirt, then she decides to hold him for ransom to have the money or kill him.
    9. She somehow survived the gunshot due to having a thick skull and escaped the van right before it exploded which are both plot-holes.
    10. She was at her worst in "Jeffy's 19th Birthday" as she manipulated Screwball to have some of the money if he did the crime yet again in order to capture Jeffy for real this time and it's not just him who she captured but also Junior, Joseph, Cody and even Penelope which is mass kidnapping and theft when she caused him to steal a bus. She got even more worse because not only did she tried to kill Jeffy, Junior, Joseph, Cody, Penelope and Simmons, but also tried to kill Screwball with a rocket launcher. In other words, she literally betrayed him. This overall makes her very self-centered and a complete monster.
    11. She is also the reason why Jeffy is the way he is with her never giving him a proper education and not babysitting him or his sister when his sister got run over.
    12. Because of all of these reasons above, she never gets punished for her abusive and her other actions, making her such a Karma Houdini.
    13. She also suffers from wasted potential where she would have been more intimidating even in the cancelled version of the SML Movie, have not just Screwball but also Bubbles allied with her and go on a fight against a revived Mama Luigi, but it was all gone to waste due to the DMCA incident and changing the movie to just a mediocre special, making her both very incompetent and a pointless antagonist.
    14. Though her death is rather satisfying enough to end her for good, unfortunately it also foreshadows that Screwball might kidnap Jeffy even without her which would be a repetitive cycle all because of her.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. Because of her abuse towards Jeffy and Feebee, it's safe to say that she's clearly meant to be a hate sink.
    2. Chris Netherton did a decent job voicing her.
    3. Despite being a karma houdini, she does have some comeuppances like getting arrested for her abusive behavior.
    4. Despite being a wasted villain and the rush, she does put up a couple of good fights against Jeffy and Brooklyn Guy.
    5. As much how bad she is like Rosalina and a hate sink, at least she wasn't even obnoxious or being an Idiot Houdini despite being mostly dumb herself.
    6. She does receive her well deserved comeuppance in Jeffy’s 19th Birthday.


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