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    Nahoul the Bee (Tomorrow's Pioneers)

    Note: Not to be confused with Nahuel from his titular movie Nahuel and the Magic Book.

    "Don't let your kids watch it!" - Robbie Rotten

    This article contains potentially sensitive content that may be discomforting or upsetting to certain users. Reader discretion is advised!

    Reason: Mentions of bigotry

    Nahoul the Bee
    This bee is not of honey nature
    Gender: Male (may be mistaken as female due to his eyelashes)
    Type: Evil Heartless Bee Who Promotes Terrorism and Animal Abuse
    Species: Bumblebee
    Portrayed by: Samir Abu Muhssen
    Mohammed Alareer
    Status: Deceased
    Media of origin: Tomorrow's Pioneers
    First appearance: "Nahoul Descends"
    Last appearance: "Assoud Arrives"

    Nahoul (نحول) is a costume-based character who recurred in the infamous Palestinian propaganda children's show Tomorrow's Pioneers. He, along with Farfour, Assoud, Nassur, and Karkour, were widely hated worldwide for several reasons.

    Why He's Pure Evil

    Important note: This character is extremely controversial for reasons explained below. No positive pointers/section will be permitted on this page. Anyone on this wiki that is caught adding redeeming qualities will have to be dealt with and their edits reverted.

    1. He is just as heartless as his fellows Farfour, Assoud, Nassur, and Karkour.
    2. Due to being a costume-based character, Nahoul can't even physically express emotions and has a very generic personality being very annoying and childish.
    3. His voice is just plain awful, even worse than Farfour's (Though it's better than Nassur's and Karkour's). And as the former Terrible TV Shows Wiki describes, it sounds as if the actor portraying him intentionally tried to make his voice sound ear-piercing, making Zuzu from Zuzubaland's voice an angelical voice in comparison.
    4. His design is very cheaply made and by far the worst in the series. Even worse, he is supposed to be male, but his design makes him look female because he, for some reason, has eyelashes.
    5. There is an infamous scene in season 2 where Nahoul is seen entering a Palestinian zoo where he proceeds to swing cats by their tails and throw rocks at lions, which is downright animal abuse. Despite the scene being made for kids to teach them that injuring animals is bad, it is still a bad influence on them.
      • Keep in mind that this is also hypocritical, as he is shown abusing animals at the zoo, yet he himself is an animal, which is a bee!
    6. He is nothing more than a symbol of terrorism, which not only makes him unlikeable, but also tragic (not that we feel bad for him, though).
    7. His second incarnation, along with Karkour, were both played by a high-ranking member of Hamas and therefore an actual terrorist. In fact after his “accidental death” he was claimed to be a very kind and friendly man who children who knew his characters would look up to. This couldn't be further from the truth considering what position he actually held, and whose “accidental death” was actually an assassination specifically targeted towards him.
    8. He died in a very disturbing scene where he falls deathly ill and is denied being taken to an Egyptian hospital for treatment and dies because of it
    9. His second incarnation was just as bad, if not worse. In one episode, he teaches kids to assault Jewish people if they see one.
    10. In his debut, he claims that Farfour was his cousin, and while Farfour is a mouse and Nahoul is a bee, they cannot be cousins because they are different species, and the former is an insect; bugs are completely different to mammals.
    11. In addition, after he dies and Assoud takes his place. A plot twist at the beginning of season 3’s first episode shows that Nahoul was actually Assoud’s brother, which makes absolutely no sense due to it being impossible for a bee and a rabbit to be siblings in real life.
    12. He's also a bit stupid, as seen in this 2014 episode, where he thinks that negotiations are some type of food (though the scene is undeniably hilarious, it makes no sense why'd he think that).
    13. His death makes no sense. He dies after getting cardiac arrest, but bees cannot get cardiac arrest.
    14. His second incarnation looked nothing like his first incarnation (though it is kinda an improvement).
    15. In the episode "Saraa and Nahool's Feast of The Sacrifice Extravaganza", constantly complains that his family is ill or dead. While it makes sense for him to be sad about the dead members, he says he wouldn't convey greetings to them. While the scene tries to sound sad, it just makes Nahool sound selfish. In that same episode, he kept on whining despite being surrounded by a bunch of flowers, balloons, etc., making him ungrateful. In other words, this proves that Nahoul treats his family being ill or dead as if the world is ending
    16. Despite being male, he has eyelashes and a female sounding voice, which would imply Nahoul is transgender, which can be offensive and insensitive to transgender people and their identity struggles in real life. If this is the case, then it would make no sense as LGBTQ+ practices and rights are forbidden in many Muslim countries.
    17. His death is not just disturbing, it's just sad and what makes it worse is Assoud is seen crying upon founding out his own family member died.
    18. He constantly has a blank smiling stare which makes him look heartless, soulless, and unintentionally creepy.




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