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    Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence)

    Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence)
    You might want to think about changing your name to Blue Katniss.
    Gender: Female
    Type: Too Heroic Mutant
    Age: 20s
    Portrayed by: Jennifer Lawrence
    Status: Deceased
    Media of origin: X-Men prequel films
    First appearance: X-Men: First Class

    Mystique is a major protagonist of the X-Men prequel film series. She was portrayed by Jennifer Lawrence and Morgan Lily.

    Why She Preaches About X-Women

    1. Most of the time, she doesn’t use her blue face and makeup while wearing clothes.
    2. In Dark Phoenix, she tells Charles Xavier that the women always save men and wanted him to rename the team X-Women. This is not only very political but also highly contradictory because Nightcrawler (a male) saved people on the spaceship earlier in the film.
    3. Unlike the comics, she is more or less a heroine and supports Charles more than Erik. She refused to join the Brotherhood of Mutants unlike in the comics and original film trilogy.
    4. Her death scene in Dark Phoenix is unnecessary and created a gaping plot hole for the timeline after the events of that film.
    5. While saying “mutant and proud” while brushing her teeth the second time in First Class, it sounded like she almost burst out laughing.
    6. She had little to do in Apocalypse and Dark Phoenix. It doesn’t help that Jennifer Lawrence was phoning in her performance with only an X-Men suit.
    7. Like the other characters, she doesn’t seem to age in the course of four decades.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. Her makeup is very good and is extremely similar to Rebecca Romijn’s portrayal.
    2. She gets to wear clothes like in the comic books.
    3. Jennifer Lawrence’s performance in First Class and Days of Future Past is good.
    4. In First Class, she shapeshifts into Rebecca Romjin, which is a clever call-back.
    5. Her not aging is justified given that she shapeshifts.


    • Amber Heard was considered to play Mystique.
    • Jennifer Lawrence didn’t like wearing the blue makeup and admitted doing the last two films for a paycheck.