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    "It's in the bag!" - Myron when Jonny Belt and Robert Scull flanderized him.
    Gender: Male
    Type: The Unfunny Side of Myron
    Age: Around 11-12
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Martin Villafana
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Wayside

    Myron is one of the main characters in Wayside. He is one of the many students in Mrs. Jewls' class. He is voiced by Martin Villafana.

    He was likable in the books and movie (2005), Unfortunately, in the cartoon, he was flanderized.

    Why He Doesn't Deserve to Become Class President of Mrs. Jewls' Class (Bad Qualities)

    Note: This only applies to his character as depicted in the cartoon.

    1. He was flanderized from more level-headed students to a power-hungry, bossy, unfunny, and mean-spirited idiot.
    2. He has no personality whatsoever other than being a self-centered and rude student with no other goal than to become class president of Mrs. Jewls' class or get power through any other means.
    3. His character design, while cute, can be sometimes mediocre and ugly.
    4. He never got punished for his actions, making him a Karma Houdini.
    5. While Todd states that he's friends with Myron, he often does seem to be annoyed by the latter's self-absorbed attitude as seen in episodes like "Myron vs. Normy", where Todd is upset when Myron isn't willing to give up his more popular "Normy" identity, and "Wayside Christmas", when he gets annoyed that Myron hasn't realized the meaning of Christmas.
    6. In "Le Race", Todd is initially upset with Myron when the latter gets the students and teachers at the school into a parkour match with Le Chef.
    7. While he's friends with Maurecia, she isn't short to being annoyed with him as seen in "Wayside Christmas", where she becomes annoyed by his greediness during the holidays, and in "Safety Monitor", where she becomes frustrated whenever his safety protocols often end up causing more harm, such as when he ends up causing the walls of the class to be covered in gum and waxes the stairs to see his own reflection better.
    8. His and Eric Bacon's dynamic is primarily seen in "The Three Erics", where Myron encourages Eric to change his name to "Little Myron" when he wants to be more noticed. However, Myron quickly becomes overbearing towards Eric, constantly requesting praise, assistance, and beverages.
    9. When he was assigned to get a secret Santa gift for Bebe in "Wayside Christmas", he ended up buying a gift for himself instead, thus showing how selfish and greedy he is. This upset Bebe, who is instead given one of Dana's calculators.
    10. In "Kidswatter: The Movie", Myron is seen interacting with Bebe, when he is annoyed by her realistic school backdrop, preferring something a little more action-packed.
    11. Despite his crush on Jenny, in "He is It!", Jenny is frustrated when she has to carry Myron up several flights of stairs, showing she may still disapprove of his power-hungry personality.
    12. Although he and John aren't seen interacting, until "Upside Down John", Myron quickly find opportunities to take John's money whenever it falls out of the latter's pockets, which made John appear to get frustrated at this. In the real word, Myron could get in serious trouble for this.

    Good Qualities

    1. Martin Villafana did a fine job voicing him.
    2. He has his funny moments here and there.
    3. He can look cute, despite BQ#4.
    4. He was a much better character in the books and movie.
    5. He even helps Todd.
    6. There is still a good number of episodes where Myron is likable and has his original personality.
    7. He has a good friendship with Dana, Todd (despite BQ#8 and 9), and Maurecia.
    8. Eventually, in "Le Race" Todd is grateful when Myron ultimately saves the day.
    9. There are sometimes where he got his comeuppance, such as how Eric Bacon quickly stood up to him in "The Three Erics", deciding he'd rather be a small Eric than a little Myron, causing the former to shrink down and run away crying, and in the end of "Upside Down John", where John utilizes a giant magnet to send Myron flying across the room.
    10. In "Wayside Christmas", after what he did to Bebe, he was suddenly hit by a strange guilty feeling he hasn't experienced before. After realizing he lacks the true Christmas spirit, Myron tries to right his wrong, and gives Bebe his crown. At that point, Bebe felt happier as she draws a picture of her and Myron as friends.
    11. Although Jenny and Myron are rarely seen interacting, at the end of "Daring Love", Myron attempted to flirt with Jenny. Unlike the other girls he tried flirting with, Jenny seems to accept it, invites him to ride on her bike, and drives away, implying that the two may be in a romantic relationship.


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