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    Muffy Crosswire
    Not the worst mean popular girl, but she's not as good either, not helped by the fact she discriminated her friend twice!
    Gender: Female
    Type: Spoiled Rich Girl
    Age: 8
    Species: Monkey
    Portrayed by: Melissa Altro
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Arthur
    First appearance: Arthur's Eyes
    Last appearance: All Grown Up!

    Mary Alice "Muffy" Crosswire is an anthropomorphic monkey and a female secondary character from the American-Canadian children's animated television series Arthur. She is often considered one of the worst characters from the show along with D.W., and (depending on who you ask) the Tibble Twins. She is voiced by Melissa Altro, who also voices Lisa, Madison Compson, Mary Alice Miller, Mrs. Armstrong in "Wish You Were Here", French World Girl, and Mrs. Roberts.

    Vomitrocious Qualities

    1. Her character is very little more than just a stereotype of spoiled rich kids and the typical mean popular girl trope, she just cares about money and fashion and less about her friends and family.
    2. She is a huge jerk to her friends for the most part.
      • Even though "The Scare-Your-Pants-Off Club" was one of the best episodes of season 1, she didn't join her friends in the protest, because she has a big party at Wonderworld, and people who are against P.A.W.S. are not allowed to come to the party.
      • She, along with everyone aside Buster called Arthur "four-eyes" in "Arthur's Eyes".
      • She made fun of Binky's name by calling him Shelly in "What's in a Name".
      • She and Francine accused Binky of cheating in "Binky's a Game", even though Muffy cheated herself in "Arthur and the True Francine".
      • She and Francine blamed Arthur and said it was only his fault because he told Buster that he was dirty when they forced him to tell Buster in "Germophobia".
      • Francine gets the worst of it, as she treated her like a worthless creature that doesn't deserve any respect whatsoever in tons of episodes.
        • She even betrayed Francine's religion (Judaism) in "Arthur's Perfect Christmas" by saying that Hanukkah isn't as important as Christmas. She does apologize later on, but that doesn't help the fact that she literally discriminated her friend based on her religion.
        • In "Draw!", she took part in Fern's campaign of bullying Francine nonstop to the point that it made her cry.
        • In "The Cherry Tree", she gives Francine an aloe plant because it can "help her complexion", which gives off unfortunate implications of colorism. Seriously, Muffy. First, religious discrimination, and now colorism?
        • In the episode where she and Francine first met, she framed Francine for cheating on a test and got her in trouble. While she does later confess that she was the one who cheated, it still shows how much of a fair-weather friend and how shallow Muffy is.
        • In "Francine's Bad Hair Day", her first major appearance, she changed Francine's hair for her own benefits.
        • In "MacFrensky", she forced Francine to get Brain in trouble.
      • She bullied, harassed, and demonized Arthur on the internet in "A is for Angry" with false information, which is defamation and considered an actual felony. This means if she did this as an adult, she could likely end up in jail, pay a huge fine, get kicked out of her house and get an eviction notice. Speaking of that episode, she doesn't even apologize to Arthur.
      • She, along with all the other main characters, bullied George for having bloody noses in "Vomitrocious", despite him having no control over them, calling them "disgusting".
    3. Unlike many other characters in Arthur, she has received little-to-no character development in the series. Depending on your opinion, she is either at her worst in the earlier, middle or later seasons, or just stayed the same throughout the entire series.
    4. Her voice can be somewhat annoying at times.
    5. In season 1, she had two teeth that stuck out like a sore thumb.
    6. Hypocrisy: She accuses other characters of being "rude", even though she's rude herself.
      • For example, in "Water and the Brain", she says she can't stand snobby people, but then proceeds to make fun of Arthur's bathing suit by calling it "tacky". Then in "The Law of the Jungle Gym", she calls out the Tough Customers for being rude, even though she can be just as rude as they are.
      • Also in "So Funny I Forgot to Laugh" she was excluding Arthur for being a bully yet she is occasionally one herself (While she was really in the right to be angry at Arthur, that doesn't excuse her hypocrisy)
    7. She rarely receives any comeuppance for her behavior, and even when she does receive it, she hardly learns from it as she continues her rude behavior in later episodes, making her a karma houdini.
      • For example, unless he got distracted by Sue Ellen, Arthur didn't raise an eyebrow, confront, questioned, called out or even notice her hypocritical actions in "So Funny I Forgot to Laugh" Not to mention, her excluding Arthur provoked him to bully Sue Ellen more.
    8. She made fun of Fred Rogers in the episode he guests stars in, saying his show is for "babies". What she doesn't know is that Mr. Rogers was one of the nicest guys ever.
    9. In the middle seasons, she often speaks about celebrities and worships them, such as Nick Carter, Matt Damon, Michelle Kwan, Ming Tsai, and fictional celebrities like Derek Montaigne and Thunder MacDuff. While this can be a thing in real life, the way Muffy rambles on about them is really annoying.

    Good Qualities

    1. Deep down, she actually cares about others and is sometimes shown to be nice to her friends. Unfortunately, her rudeness tends to be more prominent.
    2. She learns her lesson sometimes.
      • An example being the late season 2 episode "How the Cookie Crumbles", where she took credit for doing everything to make the cookie everyone loved, but when she forgets the recipe, she apologizes to her friends and learns that friendship and honesty are more important than winning contests. Sure, part of her learning the lesson was because of her dad, but she still learned her lesson.
    3. Her being a jerk sometimes makes episodes interesting. In BQ#2A, she was the cause of having Arthur be stuck between two decisions, one being to be able to come to Muffy's party, the other being protesting to get his favorite books back.
      • Sometimes her being a jerk and/or anger is understandable (such as in "So Funny I Forgot to Laugh" she was mad and excluding Arthur for bullying Sue Ellen)
    4. Although somewhat annoying at times, Melissa Altro did a pretty good job voicing her.
    5. Her design is pretty good and kind of cute to look at.
    6. Arthur wouldn't be the same without her, since she's one of the major characters and Arthur's friends, and some fans do like her.
    7. She can actually be a little humorous at times.
    8. She's not the worst mean popular girl, because sometimes, she uses her money for good.
      • She buys Sue Ellen a new personalized journal in "April 9th" using her money, after her old one got destroyed in the school fire, which was nice of her to do.
      • In "The Cherry Tree", she accidentally got her cherry tree cut down in her backyard, so she briefly became an environmentalist. Sure, she did discriminate her friend again in that episode, but that was a quick scene and she was still otherwise likeable.


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