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    Ms. Mucus
    "I hate Bean Scouts, They're bitter, dim, and crude!"
    Gender: Female
    Type: Mean Warthog
    Species: Warthog
    Portrayed by: Jill Talley
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Camp Lazlo
    First appearance: Gone Fishin' (sort of) (cameo)
    Beans are from Mars (speaking role)

    Ms. Mucus is a recurring female antagonist in Camp Lazlo. She was voiced by Jill "Jillian" Talley, who is well known for voicing Karen the Computer from SpongeBob SquarePants, Sarah Dubois from The Boondocks, and Rita Loud from The Loud House.

    Why She Is Intentionally Bitter, Dim And Crude

    1. She is very sexist towards Bean Scouts. Whenever the Bean Scouts go to Acorn Flats, Ms. Mucus orders the Squirrel Scouts to fire watermelons at them, as shown in "It's No Picnic".
    2. She is very grumpy, cranky, strict, and stubborn.
    3. In "Beany Weenies", she takes the Bean Scouts to a carnival instead of the gym just so they can get sick and fail the physical fitness test and even locks Lazlo, Raj and Clam in the tower so Camp Kidney would close down.
    4. She was at her absolute worst on "Beans in Toyland", where it was revealed that she locks up all the Bean Scouts' toys (including Veronica, Edward's favorite doll) and keeps them for herself, making her very immature.
    5. She is probably the reason why the Squirrel Scouts are so mean and shallow towards the Bean Scouts since Ms. Mucus has taught them to hate Bean Scouts.
    6. Her name is downright disgusting. What kind of teacher name is Ms. Mucus?
    7. With all the reasons explained above, she is a good example of a stereotypical Alpha Bitch.
    8. Her design is beyond terrible and grotesque, even by Joe Murray standards. She even looks more like a tanned up gruff-looking bulldog rather than a warthog.
    9. On the topic of her design, her big buttocks are often shown on-screen, which is really inappropriate for a show aimed at kids.
    10. Hypocrisy: She admits that she hates the Bean Scouts because they are bitter, dim, and crude, yet she is shown to be bitter, dim and crude herself.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. Jill Talley did a good job voicing her.
    2. To be fair, she was probably made to be unlikable in the first place.
    3. She does get karma every now and then.
    4. She ironically felt sympathy for the Bean Scouts that are not able to make it at the obstacle course in "Beany Weenies".


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