Mrs. Wicket

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Mrs. Wicket
Mrs. Julia Wicket.png
Before Mrs. Munson, there was this annoying and grumpy old lady!
Gender: Female
Type: Grumpy and Annoying old lady
Age: 63
Species: Human
Portrayed by: Sally Grace
Status: Alive
Media of origin: Mr. Bean: The Animated Series

Mrs. Wicket (Also known as Julia Wicket) is a recurring antagonist from the 2002 British rebooted series of Mr. Bean. She was voiced by Sally Grace.

Why She Sucks

  1. First off, her design looks cheap and lazy to look at as she was a very grumpy old lady.
  2. Everytime, she was mean to Mr. Bean in each episode.
  3. Similar to Caillou, she only cares about getting the things she wants right now this instant instead of waiting in future times.
  4. The moments when she gets grumpy are getting very annoying and repetitive.
  5. Everytime she loses, she gets grumpy and screams: "MR. BEEEEEEAAAAAAANNNNN!!!!!!!". Which it's getting very annoying.
  6. Sometimes, she was very unlikeable as she tries to beat up Mr. Bean for doing funny actions.
  7. In the episode "Cake Steal", she tried to punch Mr. Bean in the face just because he wasn't very nice to her.
  8. The moments when she shows her feets are so disgusting.
  9. Her voice sounds very annoying at times.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Her design can also look very impressive at times.
  2. Sometimes, she can be very likeable.
  3. Despite her voice sounding very annoying, it can also sound very amazing.
  4. Given that she's meant to be an antagonist, it's likely that disliking her was an intended audience reaction.
  5. She is far more likable in the revival seasons.
  6. Her antagonism towards Mr. Bean is somewhat justified considering Bean's childish antics plus the fact that he spoiled her wedding.


  • Mrs. Wicket didn't have an appereance in the original live-action series from the 1990s.
  • Sally Grace also voiced Jenny Kepple in the 1973 TV series "Shabby Tiger".



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