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    Mr. and Mrs. Aisaka (Toradora!)

    Mr. and Mrs. Aisaka (Toradora!)
    Mr and Mrs Aisaka.png
    The anime interpretations of Susan Heffley and Frank Heffley from Diary of a Wimpy Kid.
    Type: Irresponsible and Neglectful Parents
    Deadbeat and Manipulative Father (Rikuro Aisaka)
    Karen (Mrs. Aisaka)
    Age: 46 (both)
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Rikuro Aisaka
    Tohru Furusawa (Japanese)
    Kirk Thornton (English)
    Mrs. Aisaka
    Fuyuka Ooura (Japanese)
    Julie Ann Taylor (English)
    Status: Alive (both)
    Media of origin: Toradora!
    First appearance: Toradora!

    Rikuro and Mrs. Aisaka are minor characters of the anime, Toradora. They are Taiga Aisaka's parents.

    Why Taiga Deserves Better Parents Than Them

    1. To start things off, both are horrible parents to Taiga, whom while not abusive, don't do a single thing about their own daughter's meltdowns and her anger issues. They just let it be as if it wasn't some sort of a big deal.
    2. They are both responsible for how Taiga acted in the beginning of the series. And giving credit to their actions, Taiga isn't even on best terms with the both of them. Leading to why Taiga had to suffer to her own self-loathing.
    3. They both fight all the time.
    4. Rikuro Aisaka (Taiga's father) is a selfish man and a deadbeat father with no real concern and pretended to care for his daughter's feelings.
      • He treats Taiga as an object rather than a family member.
      • Even Taiga's best friend Minori hated him just for being such an asshole to own daughter.
      • He acts so desperate towards Taiga, begging for forgiveness and tricks Ryuuji to making her give him another chance to redeem himself as a father, only for Rikuro to show his true colors by swindling both of them and not showing up to the festival in the end. Which really shows that he's emotionally manipulative.
      • He also indirectly caused Ryuuji to have a fight with Minori, where she lashed out at him for forcing Taiga into forgiving her father and he lashed back stating she doesn't know anything, but in her case, this was justified, cause she already knew from the start Rikuro was an awful person and terrible father to his daughter.
      • He readily agreed when Taiga planned to move out of his house, showing that he didn't really want her around.
      • He took nearly all the cash in Taiga's bank account.
    5. Rikuro's ex-wife isn't any better of a parent than he is. Mrs. Aisaka is very bipolar, short-tempered, impatient, ill-mannered, and will do anything to make Taiga follow her no matter what, even by force. While not much of her personality was shown in the anime, but the way she talks to Taiga pretty much says a lot about her status as a parent.
      • Even Taiga joked about her mom being very immature.
      • Even worse, she accomplished on separating Taiga from her friends until graduation.
      • Her infamous voice message: "Fine! Do whatever you want! I don't give a damn!". only goes to show she'd be willing to abandon Taiga, her own daughter when she doesn't do as her mother says.
    6. Neither of them were proud of how Taiga was fitting in at school, noticed it, nor her improvements when interacting with other people.
    7. Hence how little screentime the two have received, they became one of the most hated characters in the show, and one of the worst parents in anime, (next to Mayu's parents from the horror anime Elfen Lied and Gambino from Berserk) and they both receive little to no comeuppances for their how they treated Taiga, making them both Karma Houdini.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. Mrs. Aisaka (thankfully) allowed Taiga to go back to school in the light novel after forcing Taiga into moving out of school.
      • Her personality is actually much better in the Light Novels. Too bad it can't be said the same for Taiga's father.
      • Despite being a horrible mother, Mrs. Aisaka had good intentions. It's just how her actions and decisions made Taiga not want to be with her.
    2. Both of their respective voice actors did a great job voicing them.
    3. While it's not enough for him to receive karma, Rikuro did get his comeuppance off-screen by having his company go bankrupt.


    • Rikuro was nominated as dishonorable mention in Anime America's video: Top 10 Worst Parents in Anime.


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