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    Mr. Wertz
    Honestly, this show doesn't need a Denzel Crocker wannabe.
    Gender: Male
    Type: Generic "Megalomaniac Mad Scientist"
    Age: Middle Aged
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Michael Adamthwaite
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Supernoobs
    First appearance: Parent Teacher Noob
    Last appearance: The League Of Noob Doominators

    Mr. Wertz is a major antagonist of the Canadian children's show, Supernoobs. As a science teacher at Cornbury Middle School, he becomes paranoid when he witnessses the existence of aliens through Memnock and Zenblock. Unfortunately this paranoia turns into an obsession and drives him mad. He is voiced by Michael Adamthwaite, who also voices Zenblock, Flagman, Ms. Zippy, Reality Narrator, Red Knight, and Snooty Man.

    Why He Should Be Fired From Cornbury Middle School

    1. In his first appearance in “Parent Teacher Noob”, he is initially depicted as a jittery and paranoid teacher who believes in the existence of aliens and is afraid of them due to having a fear of Memnock and Zenblock. In episodes after this however, Mr. Wertz is flanderized into a power hungry and obsessive megalomaniac who becomes obsessed with Memnock and Zenblock and seeks to expose them to the world.
    2. He is a complete rip off of Denzel Crocker as like Crocker, Wertz is a mean teacher who seeks world domination and is obsessed with something supernatural. Only difference is that Wertz is obsessed with aliens instead of Fairy Godparents.
    3. He very frequently gets away with his crimes as the Cornbury principal frequently sends him to a mental institution when Mr. Wertz’s crimes completely warrant a long sentence in prison. He is also somehow able to avoid getting fired from his job as a teacher even though he did things in the school that deserve job termination.
    4. He obsession becomes extremely creepy as in “Noobs Go Viral” he somehow located the house Mem and Zen live in and breaks into the house to get the chance to expose them.
      • In that same episode he reveals himself to be extremely cruel as he locked the noobs, who were his own students inside his secret lab underneath the school.
    5. He also kidnapped the whole school in “Noob Watchmen” as he locks all the doors in career night while the students and their parents are inside, yet nobody even bothers to call the police on him when he is blatantly committing a crime by doing this.
    6. Even though his evil was partially influenced by his paranoia and obsession with Mem and Zen, some of Mr.Wertz’s actions have nothing to do with Mem and Zen as in “Noob Colored Glasses”, Mr Wertz tried to mind control everyone in Cornbury, doing that to everyone except Shope.
    7. He is extremely hypocritical as he has shown himself to be paranoid of aliens yet he is willing to use alien viruses and work with alien supervillain Count Venamus to get what he wants

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. The fact that Mr Wertz often goes to the asylum, confirms that he is not present in every school centric episode.
    2. Michael Adamthwaite does a passable job voicing him.


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