Mr. Rude (The Mr. Men Show, 2008)

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Mr. Rude
Mr rude.png
"Mr. Rude!"
Gender: Male
Type: Rude jerk
Species: Mr. Man
Portrayed by: Joey D'Auria
Status: Alive
Media of origin: Mr. Men, the original Mr. Men Show, the 2008 reboot of The Mr. Men Show

Mr. Rude is a character from the Mr. Men novel franchise. He is a French and very rude Mr. Man, who often makes sarcastic remarks. He is known for being an average character in the 2008 reboot of The Mr. Men Show.

Bad Qualities

  1. His main source of humor is saying "I'll give you (something)", before flatulating, which is just disgusting.
  2. He is a rude French sterotype.
  3. He is prone to doing gross things like shoving his thumb in his ear and farting a lot.
  4. He sometimes gets undeserving characters blamed for his own rude demeanor and often entirely gets away with it in cases such as:
    1. Behaving badly and blaming it on Mr. Persnickety in "Restaurants".[1]
    2. Not turning off his phone at a concert, resulting in Mr. Quiet being blamed for disrupting the concert in "Telephone".[2]
    3. Dissing Mr. Grumpy and going as far to accuse him of being rude and blaming it on him in "Supermarket".[3]
    4. Destroying the ballet and blaming it on Mr. Fussy in "Dance Dance Dance".[4]
  5. While in season 1, he didn't flatulate very often, in season 2, there was an increase of times he does. Basically this cements "walking fart joke" a character trait of his. This isn't helped by instances such as him wearing a pair of shoes that flatulate in other shoes and owning a rocket ship that flatulates in outer space.
  6. He was willing to leave Little Miss Giggles to die in "Machines".[5]
  7. He can act hypocritical at times, berating people for "being rude" when he is rude himself.
  8. He also has violated the law at times, such as parking where he shouldn't, throwing litter and driving recklessly.
  9. He gets little to no comeuppance for his actions and also gets off scot-free, making him a Karma Houdini.
  10. In "Driving", he basically tortured Mr. Grumpy by flatulating and locking him in the back of his taxi for several seconds, before ejecting him.[6]

Good Qualities

  1. Despite being a rude jerk, he is actually pretty funny at times:
    1. His lines can be pretty funny.
    2. The running gag of people yelling his name almost everytime he flatulates is also amusing.
  2. Joey D'Auria did a good job voicing him, and actually manages to pull off a convincing French accent.
  3. Like all the other characters in the show, his design is decent.
  4. He does get karma for his actions, most notably because when he farts he gets scolded by the rest of the cast.
  5. The 2008 reboot of The Mr. Men Show most likely wouldn't be the same without him, since he does contribute to the show's comedy.
  6. In "Full Moon" and "Home Improvement", his behaviour to Mr. Stubborn is justified, since he's extremely arrogant, dumb and reckless.[7][8]
  7. Considering that everyone thinks that he is obviously a rude man, he was most likely meant to be loathed for his bad manners.
  8. He saved Mr. Happy and Mr. Tickle from alien pirates in "Pirates".
  9. To be fair, his rudeness is slightly downplayed compared to his book counterpart - while the Mr. Rude of the books genuinely upset people by throwing insults at them, this version mainly just makes sarcastic remarks (in fact, the only time he really upsets people is when he flatulates or burps).


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