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    Don "Mr. Military" is one of the minor characters from the Tom Simons vlog channel. His only appearance was in "We Joined the Military".

    Military Man
    George: "What's That Sound?" Don: "That's Loathsome Characters Wiki Getting Angry With Me"

    Why Mother Nature More Likely Got Angry at Him

    1. To remove TommyInnit from the vlog, he's mostly infamous for being a lazy, lousy, unkind, selfish, mean-spirited, and an incredibly ignorant jerk who doesn't give a single crap every 1 second or more.
    2. His facial expressions can be rather weird, emotionless, uncanny, cringe-worthy, unsettling, or unhinged to look at.
    3. His first appearance is incredibly stupid to the point where he says "You may not realize, but you're a team of five!" which is unnecessary since there's only four, which are obvious for YouTubers.
    4. He looks at TommyInnit in a very uncomfortable way, as he literally looks at his camera, and walks slowly towards him, which is for some people's case, creepy (or cringe-worthy) at most.
    5. He makes Tommyinnit's life an actual living hell by making him and his friends do the ENTIRE obstetrical with a cannon by dismantling and rebuilding it, before test firing it.
    6. He is also portrayed as a mean popular boy, because he made fun of Tommy by calling him a Gollum, and even his friends who heard him started to laugh at him!
      Give TommyInnit Some Respect Damn It!
      This clip is the reason why Mr. Military acts like a bully (and never gets punished after that).
    7. He told Tommy that the V will trap his foot, but what V? WHAT V IS HE EVEN TALKING ABOUT?! Also, he said "I think you’re beyond help." which makes him the one beyond help due to making TommyInnit's blood pressure go on another painful level, in other words, he might be an Idiot Houdini.
    8. He is shown in his laziest in the scene where Tommy and his friends have to go through the tires, while he just watches them going from pain to pain with the tires while standing doing nothing. And what's worse, he kept on listening and watching them suffer the whole way through the other obstetricals while being lazy like an absolute idiot!
    9. When he said "that's mother nature getting angry with you", Mother Nature is actually angry at him, because of his ignorance and laziness over not helping, because "that would(n't) explain it".
    10. His dog (who is a cameo) wasn't any better, because all it usually does was just walk and run around and it just does nothing else.
    11. His worst moment is when he told Tommy and his friends to do push-ups per twang, and made them do over 20 push-ups, and also forced them to do the push-ups on the ground, which made things worse because he made TommyInnit's life more frustrating.
    12. His relationship with TommyInnit wasn't any better either since he just doesn't care, or at times tells him off for the wrong reasons.
    13. All he likes in the entire vlog is to make Tommy and his friends suffer through obstetrical by obstetrical the whole way through without even giving any help to Tommy or his friends, and what makes this even worse, is that he never gets punished, a comeuppance, a consequence, scolded, fired or even learns his lesson for his lazy, dirty, selfish, ignorant, manipulative, obnoxious, out of mind, disgraceful, and horrible actions towards Tommy, Jack, Tubbo, and George from the whole vlog

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. Unlike other characters that throw tantrums, he doesn't throw any tantrums at all (even though he's an adult), plus, he's not a Butt-Monkey or a Gary Stu at any means.
    2. He knows the right answer over not dying if you hit the ground, because if so, your bone(s) will crack.
    3. He does try and give Tommy some respect (especially his friends) to give them time to build the cannon after they climbed the wall, and he does (almost) care for Toby after he went through the tires in full energy.
    4. Some of his quotes are hilarious at times
    5. He did give a warning to both Tommy and George after they jumped on the dark damp to annoy tubbo, and even once George said "what's that sound?" he warned him and his friends about the black rain cloud (especially when there's a storm incoming).
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