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    Mr. Herriman (Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends)

    Mr. Herriman
    "That is enough of this silly nonsense!"
    Gender: Male
    Type: Tyrannical and Sadistic Control Freak
    Age: 50s-60s
    Species: Imaginary Friend (Rabbit)
    Portrayed by: Tom Kane
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends
    First appearance: House of Bloo's
    Last appearance: Goodbye to Bloo

    Mr. Herriman is one of the main characters from the 2004-2009 Cartoon Network series Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. He is the head of the house at Foster's, Frankie Foster's boss, and Madame Foster's imaginary friend. He is voiced by Tom Kane.

    Very Strict Qualities

    1. The way he is written is all over the place. He's supposed to be a strict, yet comedic and well-intentioned protagonist who keeps the house safe, yet most of the time he comes off as a short-tempered, unfair, idiotic, egotistical, overtly strict, ungrateful, and occasionally hypocritical jerk and an unsympathetic antagonist with barely any empathy or reasoning.
    2. He constantly works Frankie, the caretaker of the house, to the bone and hardly ever lets her take a break or show her the slightest bit of respect or gratitude.
    3. He is way too strict on the residents and hardly lets them do anything. It even gets to a point where even Frankie is annoyed by the rules.
      • His style of keeping the house in order leads to him reaching a higher amount of strictness than Hugh Test and almost reaches the same amount of strictness as Hippolyte/Ignatius.
    4. He is also a stereotype towards British people as he is depicted as an extremely strict and stubborn person with a British accent.
    5. He refuses to have terrible imaginary friends or kids (such as Duchess and Terrence in the first episode) sent to prison because of the house's motto to take all imaginary friends, showing that he cannot stand the idea of an imaginary friend in prison (even if they belong in there).
      • In regards to Duchess, Mr. Herriman refuses to discipline Duchess for her spoiled and destructive behavior even though he is shown to strictly enforce the rules of the house.
    6. He rarely gets punished or called out for his actions such as torturing Frankie and treating the friends like crap, even when he deserves it. As a result, he is a karma houdini big time.
    7. In "Everyone Knows It's Bendy", he believes Bendy over the friends who have lived in the house longer than he has, which is stupid.
      • And while only thinking Bloo did the bad things wouldn't be better, it would at least make sense, considering how he is practically a troublemaker.
    8. In "I Only Have Surprise For You," he promises to Mac that he won't let Bloo throw him a party, but he agrees to it and shames Mac in an unnecessarily cruel way and mocks him when he dresses as a clown.
    9. In "Imposter's Home For Um... Make Em' Up Pals", he believes Goofball over Frankie, who is one of the most responsible and nicest characters in the series and acted like a complete hypocrite. He gets mad at Frankie for suggesting take-out for dinner but praises Goofball for ordering pizza for dinner and later on bans Frankie from a concert she wanted to attend.
    10. He yells at and punishes everybody in "Crime After Crime" just because he doesn't want them to find out about his carrot addiction. Why didn't he just ask them to leave the room?
    11. In "Bye Bye Nerdy", he tries to get Bloo adopted by another family, even though he promised Bloo would not be adopted. Not to mention that he flat-out cheers when he's getting adopted.
    12. In "Pranks for Nothing", he accuses Bloo of spilling water without any proof (when it was his friends) and locks the boy in a supply closet!

    Not So Very Strict Qualities

    1. He did at least get his comeuppance in "Busted" and "Crime After Crime".
    2. Tom Kane did a good job voicing him.
    3. He does have some funny quotes:
      • His line "That is enough of this silly nonsense!", can be funny for some people.
      • "Rules, Schmules? RULES, SCHMULES?!"
      • "I dislike you with great intensity."
      • "Oh, I'm terribly sorry. I will go alert the fairness police."
      • The "Hippity hippity, hoppity hoppity" scene from World Wide Wabbit.
    4. His design is fitting for his role.
    5. He can be likable in many episodes
    6. His strictness towards Bloo is somewhat understandable considering that Bloo causes a lot of trouble just for his amusement.
    7. He might have finally shown respect for Frankie in "Destination Imagination".
    8. Like Bloo, Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends would not be the same without him.
    9. According to a tie-comic, he got blamed for a mess that Madame Foster caused which explains (If not flat-out excuses) his fussy nature.
    10. Despite (I?) "TIEoTSN!" Q#4, he at least lets the residents of Foster's do some things, although this isn't saying much.
    11. Like most characters on this wiki, he has occasionally done kind things.


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