Mr. Greene (Norm of the North)

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Mr. Greene
"[to Vera, after Norm roars in his face] Vera, get my lawyer. I'm gonna copyright that roar and make it a new ringtone.."
Gender: Male
Type: The most generic animated villain ever.
Age: Around 50
Species: Human
Portrayed by: Ken Jeong
Status: Unknown
Media of origin: Norm of the North

Mr. Greene is the main antagonist of the critically panned 2016 animated feature Norm of the North.

Why He's A Generic Villain

  1. He is an extremely selfish villain and barely serves any real purpose in the film.
  2. His plan is very contrived, dumb and it makes no sense at all since the idea of buying houses in the Arctic is very unreasonable (yet it still worked somehow! All because of Norm being a friggin moron).
    • First of all, why would anyone think that it's a great idea to build condos in the Arctic when the ice caps are unstable and are melting? Second, if the condos were built and were destroyed by the ice caps, then the condo owners can sue Mr. Greene and win the case.
  3. He is nothing but a bland rip-off of Chester V from Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2, with no purpose whatsoever.
  4. He moves way too cartoony & over-the-top. It looks like he’s moving like a character from a 1930's Fleischer Studios short or a Warner Bros. cartoon, which looks more laughable than it should be.
    • His energetic animation clashes in with the other characters, who are more stilted and realistic.
  5. Soemtimes, he barely receives any screen-time despite being the main antagonist.
  6. His voice acting is poorly directed, like in one scene where he is yelling at Vera and it sounds like the actor was far away from the microphone.
  7. His design is very ugly and uncanny.
  8. His comeuppance was also pretty predictable since he fails to be a villain we should take seriously despite his villainous actions.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. His weirdly spastic and cartoonish movements can make for unintentional comedy to some viewers because of how jarring and slightly bizarre it looks.


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