Mr. Goodman (SuperMarioLogan, 2016-present)

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Mr. Goodman (SuperMarioLogan, 2016-present)
Mr. Goodman (New).png
Give me your house payment, Mario!
Gender: Male
Type: A greed demon in the body of Mr. Goodman
Age: 61 (born on August 16th, 1960)
Species: Human
Portrayed by: Zeke (2007-2009)
Lance Thirtyacre (2010-present)
Status: Alive
Media of Origin: SuperMarioLogan
First Appearance: The Caramelldensen (original version)
The Koopalings Part 2 (modern version)

Mr. Goodman is a major antagonist in the web series SuperMarioLogan. During his early years, he was written as the cliché character with a lot of jobs (similar to Brooklyn T. Guy today) and the chief of police. However, as of 2016, his character has been taken in a new direction, with him now being a rich angry landlord who threatens Mario with his house payment after the episode "The Koopalings Part 2". He is also a news reporter in a news broadcast fans dub “Exposition TV”.

Badman Qualities

  1. His personality was completely overhauled from an incompetent yet also kind and friendly man to a short-tempered, evil personified millionaire who extorts Mario for house payments, a jarring change that was criticized by many fans for how much of a departure it was from his old character, especially since it came with little/no buildup.
  2. Adding to the above, he is a sleazy and clearly corrupt character whose whole personality is that he is an intentionally over the top caricature of a greedy businessman, complete with some corrupt/morally questionable moments.
    • He mentioned once that he impregnates nannies and fires them, and also has other side comments implying a sexist view on women.
    • It is also heavily implied he is an obscenely-powerful mob boss whose company is a front for a massive criminal organization, and gets away with committing enough crimes to get him locked up for life or even executed because the police are extremely corrupt and take bribes like candy, and is also presumably smart enough to hide his operations from the FBI.
    • As shown in "Jeffy's Paper Shredder", he has become so immersed in his own evil that doing nice things physically hurts him.
  3. He isn't all that funny sometimes, and like Jeffy, many of his frequent running gags, especially around 2017-18 have fallen victim to repetition.
    • By 2016, he began to have major swearing rampages which get old and repetitive fast. However, after debuting his black "Elephant Asshole" suit, the trait was exaggerated further to the point that he dropped a swearing rant in every video he appeared in up until SuperLuigiLogan's demonetization in 2019. It also doesn't help that Jeffy already had a nearly identical running gag at that time period.
    • Similarly, the gag of Goodman wanting Mario's house payment has also decidedly gotten stale over time, especially as the structure of the jokes seldom changes; Goodman tells Mario he is missing his house payment, Mario cannot pay it, and Goodman threatens some form of extreme bodily harm/mutilation onto him. Unlike his swearing rampages, these jokes persist to this day.
    • Recent videos have also given Goodman an unnecessary hatred for Mario's hat for no reason and it is barely explained why he hates it apart from the fact that He gets tired of seeing it all the time whenever he wants to get his house payments, with the surrounding jokes mostly coming off as forced and unfunny.
  4. He is notoriously greedy and has shown himself to go to over the top and ridiculous extremes to get even trace amounts of extra money, including changing his own birthname to cash in somebody else's check in "Jeffy's Shirt".
  5. He is also known to be overconfident; when Mario let him taste Chef Pee Pee's cooking in "The Bet", he didn't bother to taste Chef Pee Pee's ravioli and he only smelled it. This led him to be sure that he'd win the chef competition the two were attending. He then bet all of his money on that he'd win so that he'd double his money. To put a long story short: it didn't end the way he thought.
  6. He has serious anger issues, and can also be very violent; like his frequent over the top threats of biting off Mario's nipples/balls and the time when he actually bit off Black Yoshi's nipples (though in the latter case, it is understandable as Black Yoshi did scam him). He is also a proud cannibal who kills people who don't make their house payments and rips off their testicles and nipples to eat, and he sees no problem with it; on one occasion, he even taught fans how to make a dish out of testicles.
  7. He is also extremely cold-hearted and selfish too, in the episode "The Movie Date!", Brooklyn T. Guy tries to lie to Goodman about there being an emergency, but Goodman just states that it is "not his problem", even if its a lie, this shows Goodman tends to lack empathy.
  8. Not only is he a jerk to Mario, but he also is a poor father figure; he abuses his son Richard so he can mold him into a suitable successor, for example at the ending of Mr. Goodman's Son, when Richard realizes that money doesn't buy happiness, Goodman is appalled and slaps his AirPods off for saying such a thing.
    • He is even worse to Benjamin, as he even demanded that Mario adopt Benjamin and only took him back because he didn't want to pay taxes.
  9. He's shown to be a hypocritical at the end of "Mr. Goodman's Clone!", where he gets angry at Mario for trying to kill him in exchange for a hundred grand, but then immediately afterwards says he would have done the same thing to Mario.
  10. Since he hardly ever gets any comeuppance or karma, he can fairly be considered a Karma Houdini, which does not help his stigma from detractors.

Goodman Qualities

  1. Before his character was rebooted, he was a less polarizing and more universally acclaimed character amongst fans.
  2. While he does have his critics, he as mentioned above, is also well-received have an equally large number of fans who like his new personality and appreciate his satirical take on the corrupt multi-billionaire and eccentric mannerisms.
  3. He has a unique and witty way with words and is a fairly good comedian; his modern persona has provided many of SML's most memorable quotes/one liners and if not overdone, his angry rants can provide a great source of deadpan comedy.
    • While his swearing did get overdone for a time, his swearing does also fit his character perfectly, more so than Jeffy, which made his swearing rants seem a lot more natural (one example being "The Bet").
    • Similarly, his house payment jokes have often been witty (ex: "Jeffy's Halloween" and "Scooter the Rapper").
    • Ever since SML became family-friendly, his jokes became more clever and relied on anything but his swearing rampages.
  4. Lance still does a great job at voicing him; his signature angry voice is appropriately intense and fitting for his character, and his soft speaking voice when calm still remains pleasant and distinctive.
  5. He is still an entertaining news reporter like he was under his old characterization.
  6. He can sometimes seem wise and agreeable compared to some of the other characters, and despite his greed he is often shown to be one of the smarter/more sensible characters in the series. He also makes some good points sometimes (ex: "Jeffy's Broken Toy", where he points out you shouldn't believe everything you hear on TV, albeit in a twisted way).
  7. He is genuinely likable in episodes such as "Chef Pee Pee Goes To Hollywood" where after Chef Pee Pee shows Goodman the blue waffle he made, Goodman says that it reminded him of his childhood and he lets Junior and Chef Pee Pee off the hook, which was nice for him. Likewise, he has a right to be mad at Junior and Chef Pee Pee for stealing his money.
  8. Like Brooklyn Guy, Mr. Goodman is often the only good part of bad SML videos, and is able to save them or at least make them more tolerable to watch. Notable examples include "Jeffy's Big Mess" and "Jeffy's Halloween".
  9. In "Mr. Goodman's Father", it was revealed that Frank Goodman (Mr. Goodman's dad) hates him all because he bought him a gift card, and Frank acts like he doesn't care about his son. This could explain why Mr. Goodman acts the way he is.
    • Also, in "Black Yoshi's Black Friday" it's revealed how he hates Thanksgiving because his family only likes him for him money, which gets you sympathising with him.


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