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    Mr. Bean (The Animated Series, season 5)

    Mr. Bean
    "Oh no!" - Mr. Bean when the writers flanderized him.
    Gender: Male
    Type: Flanderized Protagonist
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Rowan Atkinson
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: 'Mr. Bean'
    First appearance: 'Mr. Bean (episode) (normal)
    Game Over (flanderized)
    Last appearance: 'Trophy Bean'

    Mr. Bean is the main character from the titular show. He lives in Flat 2, 12 Arbour Road, Highbury, London, England. His first name, which he refers to as Bean, and his profession, if any, are never mentioned. In the first film adaptation, Bean, "Mr." appears on his passport in the "first name" field, and he is shown employed as a guard at London's National Gallery.

    Sadly, he was flanderized in the 5th season.

    "Oh No" Qualities

    1. Mr. Bean was flanderized from a clumsy and dimwitted but helpful and charismatic person to an insecure butt-monkey who takes things for granted and makes him worse when things don't go his way.
    2. He tends to do mean-spirited things throughout many episodes.
    3. He also steals things without people's permission. And when others distract their situation, he becomes a hypocrite.
    4. He does not care about his past experiences nor his mistakes from the past episodes, thus making him a selfish jerk.
      • Granted, he may have been a selfish jerk in the past, but at least he improves sooner and changes for the better. Here, he stays away from this situation and tends to do bad things.
    5. Mr. Bean is selfish enough to play video games at the opening scene of Game Over, the first episode of Season 5, despite Mrs. Wicket's nephew hesitating on wanting to play video games. So he and her nephew fight over the console until Mrs. Wicket tells the former to get out because that is her nephew's game.
    6. In the same episode, he finds a parking spot, but other people say to him to move back in line, even though he is first in line.
    7. He does terrible moments in the next episode, Special Delivery:
      • He fails to cook his recipe because he is too busy adjusting his old chair.
      • Due to the foul smell, Mrs Wicket tells him to stay in his room to wait for her new recliner. So, he does redo cooking again, until the deliveryman arrives in Mrs. Wicket's apartment, which causes the recipe to burn again.
      • Mr. Bean moves the new recliner chair for Mrs. Wicket in his room, which explains why Mrs. Wicket yells at him in order to return it back to her room.
      • He disguises as Mrs. Wicket so that he can go on a date, in Restaurant Haute Cuisine Des Tolls. However, he order everything just to eat them, which is gluttony in real-life.
      • He steals a straw from a girl, because he cannot drink the soup properly, which contradicts Hot Date, where he can drink soup using spoon.
      • He pulls the tablecloth from the table where the girl is drinking juice. This causes the spaghetti to drop on the floor.
      • He is seen eating like a pig in the restaurant scene, and because of that, the delivery man look at the bill for Mr. Bean's and it is a lot.
      • He never pays the bill for eating everything, something Harry did in The Visitor. So he (as Mrs. Wicket) escapes by going on the man's restroom, which shocks the man, when she sees Mr. Bean in disguise.
      • On the same scene, Mr. Bean goes on the woman's restroom and gets shocked when the woman enters the same room.
    8. He impersonates like a dog when he teaches Mopsy on how to train like a dog, so he messes up the hotdog vendor by pushing him, causing the latter to squirt ketchup on the customer.
    9. After he and Mopsy return to Irma, he attempts to eat hotdog, but Irma swoops it and gives it to Mopsy, despite the fact that she had sandwich, which Mr. Bean is supposed to eat it.
    10. Three people give dogs to Mr. Bean, but they cause trouble in his room, thus not only it contradicts No Pets, since Mrs. Wicket does not want to allow dogs in any of the rooms in the apartment, but also causes Mrs. Wicket to kick all of them out.
    11. He launches two sticks and a small log by using a leash as a slingshot, resulting in three dogs destroying the garbage bin from the waste collector. Worse, he never pays fine for trashing the garbage bag.
    12. He also pushes the hot dog stand because the dogs run uncontrollably, resulting in him pushing the waste collector and messing up the trash and hotdogs.
      • He also pushes the vendor, again, to squirt ketchup on the customer's face.
    13. After Mr. Bean's Mini landed on the slurry pit, he and his mini becomes dirty, resulting in others getting disgusted. This situation happens a lot and it becomes a torture episode in The Big Stink.
    14. He is bored in seeing the painter painting a painting from a muscular man, so he sneezes on the painter, resulting in making the painting look worse and the muscular man blames him for ruining the painting.
    15. He uses the invitation containing the message: "To Irma, you smell'" and places it in the mailbox, which he could have just use the one with the message: Happy Birthday, Irma. This explains why he has to throw it away and replace it with the real one.
      • At the end of Birthday Bother, he and the mailman fight over a real birthday invitation, until he throws the mailbag. After this, he gets the wrong one for Irma, and gets mad at him.
    16. He rips one of the envelopes that is not his, which is a crime.
    17. While he is likable in Bed Bean, he uses his own trampoline to jump on it, but it got destroyed because he jumped higher.
    18. In Spa Day, he pushes Mrs. Wince's car because there is no space to park, as there is a pothole on it.
    19. He sneaks in the Ooh Aah Spa, because he is bored, to find Mrs. Wicket and Mrs. Wince, but suffers many unfortunate situations:
      • He opened several doors, despite people having privacy.
      • While excusable, he knocked the waiter unconscious and pretends as a back massager, which causes him to kick Mr. Bean out of the spa for false impersonating.
      • At the end of the episode, Mr. Bean massages both Mrs. Wicker and Mrs. Wince because they are not finished in doing spa.
    20. He uses two tickets to rip them so that he can make a fake raffle prize ticket using 9 and 5, but it got backfired eventually by Irma.
    21. In the pillory, Mr. Bean makes scary faces as children ignore him while they throw sponges at Declan. Showing that he is mean-spirted to the children just to get attention.
    22. He steals a fishing rod from the Duck Fishing so that he can uncork the bathtub, which makes the beans drain in the tub and the audience boo at Declan.
    23. He also cheats by making his own set of signatures, because Declan draw attention to people.
    24. Mr. Bean is revealed to be terrible in playing violin and it results in people covering their ears to stop listening to his ear-grating performance.
    25. He also yells at two people to get out of his way in watching racing, but the clerk says to get out of his way.
    26. He unplugs the wi-fi in Mrs. Wicket's mobile home, just so Mr. Bean can relax in the park, but Mrs. Wicket's mobile home landed on the water, alongside Mrs. Wicket and Mrs. Wince.
    27. He stepped on Mrs. Wicket's flowers and is grounded, so Mrs. Wicket confiscates his hoop.
    28. He attempts to get his hoop and her perfume, but Scrapper runs in the kitchen and messes her perfume. So he makes a new potion by using a dead sardine with sewage and flowers. This causes Mrs. Wicket to kick him out because of the rotten smell and her room is surrounded by cats.
    29. He destroys his room because there are fleas, property of Scrapper. He should have closed the window when Scrapper is around. And as a result, Mrs. Wicket yells "Bean!" because of the mess he made.
    30. He is shown as a terrible professional coffee shop clerk in making coffee near the end of Coffee Bean, resulting in damaging the coffee shop.
    31. While he is likable in The Big Freeze, he makes hot water from Havlotts', just to warm himself from getting cold, but one of the clerks tells him to get out.
    32. He does terrible things in Scrapper Cleans Up:
      • He refuses to go to Paris with Irma, because it costs 2000 Pounds, thus the latter confiscates his Teddy.
      • He steals Scrapper without Mrs. Wicket's permission by making a trap.
      • He is terrible in grooming Scrapper, considering how the latter hates looking good.
    33. He does terrible things, again, in Coach Trip:
      • He attempts to fix Mrs. Wince and Larry Sweetnote's back, but keeps getting worse.
      • He interrupts Mrs. Wicket's sudoku by eating chips and reading comics.
      • He even hurts the bus driver's leg because he wants to fix the flat tire of the bus.
    34. He is at his absolute worst in For Sale, by causing everyone to scare the apartment by doing terrible acts, like destroying his room and vandalizing the walls of the hallway.
    35. Because he injured his leg from braking his own makeshift skateboard, he steals Mrs. Wince's scooter so that he can use it in the skateboard park. This causes Mrs. Wince to rise her scooter faster than before and Mrs. Wicket calls out Mr. Bean for his actions.
    36. He also steals Mrs. Wicket's cleaning tools, like vacuum cleaner and mop just to enter Jamie Studd's mansion in order to collect cards.
    37. He even steals Bruiser Sr's fake medallion, although he gives it back to him in the end.
    38. In Trophy Bean, he makes silly faces when the coach takes a picture of Mrs. Wicket's nephew.

    "Teddy" Qualities

    1. He was a much better and likable character in the previous seasons and his live-action counterpart.
    2. Rowan Atkinson did a good job voicing him.
    3. At least he is not as bad as Neil Sutherland from The Inbetweeners UK, such as giving lots of karmas after his terrible actions in this season.
    4. Despite his flaws, he did help in some episodes:
      • He scares the teenage girl who steals video game consoles, by using a dinosaur cardboard cutout, thus earning him a gift.
      • He saved Jamie Studd's life in Stick To It.
      • He finds a ball in the haunted house after he purposely kicked it higher.
      • He finds a way out in A Car for Irma by seeing a smaller alleyway path, which his Mini can fit here, unlike Delcan's new car.
      • He reached the theater on time in Coach Trip, due to his skillful driving skills.
      • He finds Scrapper in the sewers in Cat Chaos.
    5. Bed Bean, Haunted House, Running On Empty, Coffee Bean (despite his actions in BQ#30), The Big Freeze, Save That Tree, Cat Chaos, and A Car for Irma are the only episodes where Mr. Bean is likable.


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